1. lewis

    WTB: HKS Billet Oil Filler Cap GREY

    Hi I am looking for one of these: If anyone has one please let me know. Thanks
  2. s15Irl

    FS: Nismo oil caps

    I have 2 spare Nismo style oil caps, one silver one neo chrome. €25 £22 each plus delivery Also have an extra Nismo radiator cap cover Fits over existing rad cap comes with Grub screws €20 £17 plus delivery Type r style gear knob Anodised red Fitting kit adapters included €20 £17 plus...
  3. B

    Distributor Rotor Arm for 2001 SR20DE

    Hi All PLEASE HELP Sorry to bring this up Again but have searched the forum and no answers found Car Runs but misses badly due to Excessive wear on Rotor Arm Nissan Main Dealer says he cant trace the correct part numbers for the Rotor Arm or Distributor cap. Car is a 2001 S15 SR20DE On...
  4. A

    WTB: positive battery terminal cap

    seem to have lost mine!
  5. Seal

    WTB: Nissan 200SX S15 Silvia SR20DET Power Steering Reservoir Cap

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for 1 cap from the S15 Silvia Power Steering Reservoir... i loose mine and i can't find one new or used anywhere (Forum, Ebay etc...) Can someone help me please ? In advance, thank you guys ;)
  6. C

    S15 Fuel Cap - Same as S14?

    Another little random thing on my car - it has a HONDA branded fuel cap which is about a 95% proper fit. Struggling to find an S15 one for sale, even through Nissan - but does anyone know if this is one of the parts that is shared with an S14? Thanks Chris
  7. Parky

    Headlight cap seal / o-rings

    My headlights have been letting water / condensation in so I've taken the caps off to get a hair dryer in there and think I found the source of the problem, the large seals are pretty much perished and need replacing, and one of the tabs is missing off a cap so will need a pair of those too...
  8. fez06

    WTB: sr20det shiney oil cap

    It's for my missus car only after a cheap and cheerful one can't have her bay looking better than mine : )
  9. S

    WTB: S15 Headlight Cap

    I'm looking for the circular plastic cap that screws into the rear of the headlight assembly. This one: Has anyone ever bought just the rear cap on the S15 headlight housing seperately without buying the whole headight assembly? The Nissan dealers around here said they won't sell me it (I live...
  10. Sims77

    Advice please

    I'm fitting my Gruppe M induction kit this weekend and it has a pipe which fits onto the rocker cover breather hole. This means I need to cap off the original pipe. What bung or cover do I need and where can I get one? Will the local Halfrauds have them? Thanks
  11. LeeSpecR

    LeespecR's project perfect.

    Hi all, im pretty new to the forum,names lee :) i was very lucky to buy Darren's s15,in fact was lucky I came on when I did and see it for sale.its pretty perfect as is but I'm hoping to better it. so as the car stands most of you know the car and spec.i can't upload any pictures yet as I'm...
  12. E

    WTB: S15 SR20DE NA distributor cap and rotor 2001

    S15 SR20DE NA 2001 distributor cap and rotor nr on distributor itself 22100 65F12 on cap T716 on rotor T257 my Dutch Nissan dealer can not deliver any of these numbers if there is someone in UK, Japan or Australia which can order this at his local dealer and send these parts to me (in the...
  13. W

    FS: Benen tow hooks, Blox gear knobs and oil caps.

    Guys, last lot flew out, sorry about that!! Have the following landing this week so be quick... All itmes are universal unless stated otherwise and include postage, packaging and insurance costs. Benen Tow hook front - Black x1 £40 posted. Benen Tow hook rear - polished x1 £40 posted...
  14. adz87kc

    WTB: BMC reservoir cap

    I need a reservoir cap for a BM57 brake master cylinder. Its around 75mm in diameter and the oem S15 one doesn't fit :/ PM me if you have one spare or know where i can get one. cheers :thumbs:
  15. Aurora61

    weird engine oil drain plug

    I was attempting to change the oil in my s15 today, but reached a dilemma when trying to remove the oil drain plug. I dont know whether the drain plug is OEM or not, but theres a plastic cap over the actual bolt. The cap to be spun, but spinning it doesnt seem to loosen it at all. A typical...
  16. C

    WTB: S15 SR20DE distributor cap

    Hey, I am looking for SR20DE s15 distributor cap or cap with distributor assy. On mine dizzy is written: 2210065f11, t2t57671. I am looking for this cap: PM me. Cheers
  17. T

    1999/T Grey S15 Spec R with NISMO Upgrades - £10,495

    £500 discount from listed price for S15 owners club members 1999/T, 22k miles. Great condition and with loads of NISMO upgrades inc Coilover Suspenion, Weldina Exhaust (Inc Front pipe), Speedo Set, Alloy Wheels, Bodykit, Steering Wheel, Air Filter, Strut Brace, Filler Cap. HKS SSQV is the...
  18. zml

    new stuffs available now...

    hi new yoshino factory style LED tail light available now, smoky and clear one both available. price 198GBP posted. haha mitto authorised Greddy type RZ BOV £98 posted Tomei oil pressure regulator £50 posted Blitz rad cap £13 posted HKS black limited type ii BOV £70 posted Apexi...
  19. DeanS15

    FS: near perfect s15 rad, hoses and cap

  20. E

    muh ride :D

    stock and still virgin lol :smitten: enjoy ^^ The ala mods: ·Apexi air filter ·Hks ssqv bov (wants that blitz one in the near future) ·Custom straight pipe 3inch and down pipe 2.5inch (will swap an apexi down pipe if got the $$$ :wack:) ·Apexi titanium exhaust ·Sard fuel...