1. Juicesif

    smoke buff when changing gears

    Hi all, I am getting a puff of smoke out of the exhaust whenever I change gears .. Any body come across this before ? Any ideas to what might be causing the issue ? Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. V

    Exhaust system, will manifold restrict?

    Hi guys, My car has got an Apexi exhaust straight through from the manifold, but the manifold is still standard. Will it be causing any restrictions? Ta! Tom
  3. J

    strange problemmm...

    right, my car seems to have a mind of its own. sometimes it works awesome but other times it just doesnt want to run. sometimes when i come onto to boost my exhaust back fires really loud then i lose all power when in boost, when i finally come to a stand still the engine stalls. this morning...
  4. Y

    loss of power and noisy dont know why.??

    Hello friends, Im having a spot of trouble with my car and its really starting to annoy me. Sometimes when I start my car I have no power the car idles fine but shakes and backfires when I drive it. The car will drive but the turbo doesn’t kick and no acceleration in it. It might not happen...
  5. C

    2 way diff

    hi all Has anyone used a 2 way diff? What do you think of it and how does it feel and sounds like? I'm currently using a nismo gt pro one and it's causing alot of weird noise, which sounds like more than the diff itself. thanks andy