1. H

    Consult cable and software required asap ***ESSEX AREA***

    I lent my Laptop and consult cable to someone a long time ago and I'm concerned i won't get it back before this weekend when ill be changing my engine. does anyone in the Essex area have a Lappy/software and cable i can borrow for a few days?
  2. R

    FS: 17" wheels 9kg a corner

    These are the oem 17x9 front 9.5rear (i think) wheels for my Nissan Skyline 350GT Apparently they weigh 20lbs (without tyres) which is 9.072kg As you'll see from pics 2have some light curbing and others look fine. Tyres will probably need changing though! £70 I'm not offering to post but if...
  3. F

    S15 Horsham development maps

    Anyone got any links to the hd maps? Currently got updated fuel pump , air filter , intercooler full exhaust with down pipe , what stage map could I get without changing injectors?
  4. W

    subframe misalignment

    Has anybody ever fixed this issue? Does changing subframe bushes work?
  5. E

    Anyone have a guide to changing the vvt sprocket?

    Just looking to see if anyone can give me a guise to changing the vvt sprocket?Doesnt look like a big or difficult job just is there anything I should look out for.?thanks
  6. jason'S15

    S15 on its way from japan!

    Hello! My name is Jason and I'm 21, currently waiting on a white S15 spec r from japan being imported through Torque GT can't wait! :D Comes with: - Volks TE37 bronze alloys - HKS Induction kit - Coilovers and camber adjustable top mounts (not sure what brand yet) - Exhaust, again not sure but...
  7. Jaydej

    Lightened pulleys

    Hey guys I'm going to be changing my belts soon and was looking at maybe changing the pulleys to lighter ones at the same time. what are your thoughts on them? Isit just abit of engine pay "BLING" or do you see gains from it?
  8. Franz_Cisco

    Different Tachometer

    Hey Guys, Actually I'm searching for a Tachometer that shows more than 180km/h. When I push the throttle all the way down I easily reach the 0km/h... Because I don't want any damage at my OEM Tachometer, I think about changing it to something more useful. Is there a Nismo Tachometer or...
  9. Alex De Large

    WTB: Good Condition Driveshafts

    Think this may be a long shot but I may be needing some drive shafts in good condition as I think mine are the cause of my clunking when changing gear. Thanks :)
  10. J

    flywheel help

    How's things. I am changing my clutch to a act 6puk and I am thinking about changing the dual mass to a lightweight solid flywheel. Any pro's or con's to it and what would be recommend to chance to. I was looking at the driftworks 1 any ideas on it or any other company that sells flywheels. Cheers

    Poly bushes & suspension arms etc..

    What bushes you use? It's one of my plans do over winter. Also looking at changing all the arms . Any good arms ? Other than using driftworks ones...
  12. Parky

    Changing exhaust manifold - any tricks / tips?

    I'm planning on changing the stock exhaust manifold for a stainless jobby this week, just waiting on the gaskets to arrive. Ideally I want to do this without having to remove the turbo but know that getting to the 4 mani > turbo nuts is going to be a pain in the tits. I managed to change the...
  13. N

    Z33 6 speed gearbox conversion

    Does anyone know what exactly is needed and what needs changing ect?
  14. S

    Car jolting like kangaroo

    so i replaced my centre peice muffler as it was cracked and crokey and sounded like ****. after replacement everything sounds great until you push the pedal lil more then 10% it starts bouncing back and forward like its struggling my tuner has been a **** around. before muffler apparently my...
  15. J


    I know nissan produce really good engines, much like honda which ive had no problems with mine so far, but looking to buy my S15 soon and wondering, at what milage may a rebuild need to happen and what will need changing? If anyones rebuilt their engine, some advice would be appreciation at...
  16. 8

    Hi all

    Hi everyone I'm Russ from the UK. I don't currently have a 15 but am doing all the research ready to get one after Xmas (i know long time, but i like my research) I will be honest i never really liked jap cars. I have always had German motors, but after re shelling, then rebuilding, then...
  17. B

    Changing springs

    I'm just looking at lowering my s15 a bit, and being strapped for cash atm I was thinking about just changing the springs instead of getting coilovers (which I'll get later on down the track). So I was just wondering what sort of brands would I be looking at here that would be good? I was...
  18. T

    WTB: nismo s-tunes

    If anyone has, or knows of any nismo s-tune suspension available im in need of some. when changing my oil this weekend i found one of my d2 coilovers was leaking.
  19. F

    s14/s14a power fc on s15

    I am struggling to find an s15 power fc for the right price but I have found an s14 power fc for not much money was wondering if it would work on the s15 by changing a few wires or will I need to install an s14 loom in. thanks
  20. T

    Changing gearbox oil/diff oil

    Yes I know *blushes* from a novice perspective, can anyone give me a quick guide to changing the diff and gearbox oils on the silvy and how frequently should it be done?