1. ChrisKnottIns

    Recommend a Friend scheme for CK clients

    Reduce your own insurance costs by helping friends to reduce theirs. Hi, If you're an existing Chris Knott client and you'd like to pay less for your insurance this year, I've got some great news for you... You can benefit from UNLIMITED SAVINGS by using our 'Recommend a Friend' scheme...
  2. B

    FS: Wheel arch roller

    SOLD........... Paid £70 for this a few weeks ago, used twice and did exactly what I wanted it to do. £35 delivered This one included several different size spigot rings for perfect mounting on the hub unlike the cheaper ones I looked at Located Northwest Pete 07917 697574 Sent from...
  3. John-

    FS: S15 Carbon Fibre Bonnet

    I had a moment of madness whilst thinking of how to get rid of all my stone chips, without an expensive respray, and bought this the other day, was going to fit it this evening, but realised it won't suit my car. This is the link to the item on eBay: A...
  4. R

    advise on website / Rear bumper.

    Been searching for a rear bumper for the 15 and came across two sites. and 2 different bumpers. Just wondering if anyone knows if their decent and worth using or too stay from them. Also any other suggestions are great. also looking for rear lights and z32 brake + Hub Site one: Vivid Racing...
  5. A

    Brake pads - choices?

    Hi all, Are EBC Yellowstuff pads comparable to Ferodo DS2500's? I've had Ferodo's on my S13 and S15, and am really happy with them. However Yellowstuff seem to get good reviews and are a third of the price cheaper! I would go with DS2500's but they are out of stock at DBPower currently... So...
  6. Marcus

    Nismo Carbon Gear knob?? Please help!

    I'm looking for new gear knob and I'm loving this Nismo Carbon one Now I need little help... Those knobs are very high priced as Nismo products always. If you know some place where I can get that knob cheaper, please let me know :) Or if you have one for sale (it can be used aswell), please...
  7. C

    Rays titanium look wheels or TE37SL

    Guys just another great offer from Rays . They have for lomited numbers the offer of purchasng along with some designs the titanium lip for free. Anyone is interested can pm me. Also their new wheels TE37SL which is lighter than the TE37 by 400kgr is now released with silvia fitments. Even if...
  8. T

    My Fly wheel....

    Morning all! Mid engine build made a bit of a discovery! I dont have the dual mass fly, and inplace its Nismo item! With the possibility of needing a new clutch soon, and understanding that I may or may not beable to use an S14 clutch kit (better choice and cheaper) I;d like to try and...
  9. rudd-o

    Engine Bottom End Rebuild.

    Any suggestions for (forged)Pistons/Rods set for 86.5mm or 87mm for fitting them to OEM Crankshaft I wanted the Tomei set but i dont have such money now... and im looking for something cheaper but tested.
  10. T


    Good Morning Gents, and any laayydeeze that may be amoung us? I've just sold my Elise, and have a hankering for something Jap and RWD again. I have had my heart set on an RX7 for a month or 2 now, but finding it hard to find one that meets my needs, so thought I would see what the S15 is...
  11. sliding-r

    Longer Wheel Studs

    Hi, i am running coilovers and have 5 mm wheel spacers for the front otherwise they rub coils.. can someone let me know of the right place to get some longer wheel studs. I have heard of Nismo studs but are there a cheaper good alternative. there was a rally supplies company i saw...
  12. EvilChap

    FS: 6 Standard S15 Coilpacks

    I know I have mentioned these to several people, and completely failed to come up with a price.... But needs must now, so: 6 for £100. or 4 for £80 & £20 for the other 2. I know that makes it cheaper to buy the 6, that's the idea, I just want them gone :p Prices are plus postage...
  13. J

    cheaper in malaysia or thailand

    hi im in thailand and from australia im goin to go to malaysia but wont be coming back to thailand. i wanted to know where will it be cheaper for stuff for an s15 im after some stuff roughly wheels, hid kit and coilovers and some other stuff. it will be very helpfull thanks
  14. S

    WTB: WK0 Bonnet

    ive cracked the paint on my bonnet, and it may be cheaper to get another one than get it resprayed. anyone got one kicking about?
  15. T

    Rb25det - s15

    Hey guys My sons mate owns a non-turbo S15 and i we are trying to go down the RB path engine transplant. I'm just wondering if this has been done before, how hard is it, and in you're guys opinion is it cheaper / and or worth it, we are from nz so the SR motors are quiet hard to come across as...
  16. JEZ 8553

    Couple of quick questions...

    Guys, Ive searched these forums and the SXOC but seem to find conflicting results... Does a S14 elbow, S14 frontpipe and a S13/R33 decat all fit together with an S15 exhaust ?? I notice Nicely said that the S14 elbow & frontpipe fit an S15 decat and i read that the S13/R33 decats are the...
  17. B

    Group Buy? member discount?

    Hi, everyone, just wondering is there any of our products interest you guys? we can offer cheaper price for the group buy or discount if several people gather their orders, or if there are something you are looking for but not in our ebay listing, please feel free to contact us we will source it...
  18. P

    WTB: tyres? where to buy?

    whats a good place to buy tyres online? was after some 225/40/17 for my new rims (yummy rims) i was going for falken fk452...u can get pairs of them on eBay for like ?144 for 2 dunno if theres cheaper?
  19. Nicely

    Nissan OEM Parts Suppliers (Japan)

    This is aimed more at UK members, but I'm sure also applies to other countries. Did you know that nearly every Nissan part that you buy over here in the UK can be got for around half the price (or more) in Japan? If you're not in a desperate hurry (the process takes 2-3 weeks on average) and...
  20. J

    Smoked indicator lenses

    Hi folks, I read that the lenses from an R34 will fit the S15, is that right? and if it is, can you get them cheaper than ?45?! That's a LOT of money for some plastic lenses...