1. L

    WTB: S15 wind deflectors

    Mine have finally got to the point where they need replacing 😥 any about for sale? Or does anyone know a pet number for them? Cheers
  2. T

    WTB: Work meisters sp1 5x114.3

    Hi all, looking for a set of meisters sp1 18” hit me with a pm if theirs any about cheers
  3. G

    V355/5 Advice

    Hi folks Just wondering if anyone has ever filled a V355/5 (application for first vehicle tax and registration of a used motor vehicle)before and if they’re is somewhere I can find all the relevant information for an s15 spec r Cheers !
  4. L

    FS: S15 wiper arm and motor

    Only selling due to having removed it ages ago and I’m trying to de-clutter £15 if anybody wants it? can post - based in newton abbot, Devon 07814454338 for a quicker response cheers
  5. P

    Which Decat

    Which Decat is best for my S15? Ive done a search but most of the threads are from a while ago and I just want to make sure I order the right one. Cheers
  6. L

    Diff oil?

    What diff oil would people recommend? Redline ? What grade cheers liam
  7. A

    WTB: Wanted drivers side wind deflector

    Just caught it getting out car. Anyone have one or know where to pick one up Cheers
  8. B

    WTB: S15 spec r

    S15 spec r or s Looking for a spec r or s in white or pewter going to import one in the next couple of weeks just though I'd check if there's anything already here for sale first. cheers
  9. J

    WTB: Bonnet

    Oem or aftermarket (nothing too ott) preferably pewter cheers, Jayy
  10. I

    WTB: Crank Pulley wanted SR20DE or SR20DET

    Wanted good condition CRANK PULLEY from SR20 S14 or S15 DE or DET are the same. PM me Cheers Immy
  11. Saxon

    WTB: S15 Fog Lamps

    Hi all, I'm after a pair of front fog lamps for the non-aero bumper. Preferably with the plastic grilles and stuff to go with it but if it's just the lamps themselves then that would be great too! Cheers!
  12. D

    WTB: S15 screen wash bottle

    Wanted if anyone has one cheers rich
  13. L

    FS: PRODRIVE Jdm staggered wheels

    All info on eBay listing here - open to sensible offers as I need these sold really JDM Prodrive GC-05F Forged Staggered Alloy Wheel Nissan Honda Racing Lightweight | eBay drop me a text or call on 07814454338 for a quicker response - cheers
  14. Stew

    WTB: WANTED: S15 Front Wings

    Looking for a pair of OEM front wings, colour not important. Anybody got any laying around? Cheers!
  15. Dittys fc

    S15 fresh on the scene

    Hey dudes bought an s15 6 months ago Thought I'd do a write up on it on this forum! Once I get approved I'll put it up in the ride section cheers! fromAustralia
  16. C

    1.5 Way LSD Recommendations

    Hi All, I am currently looking to purchase a 1.5 way diff. I was considering the Nismo GT LSD PRO - 38420-RSS15-D5 or the Kaaz Anyone any experience with these or similar that could make some recommendations. Cheers :wave:
  17. NICKO

    WTB: Standard shocks and dampers

    Looking for standard suspension for front and rear of my s15 to move the car, let me know if anyone has any, also willing to travel, cheers

    WTB: WTB Front xoilovers

    Hi guys Need a pair of front coilovers for my S15, preferably Tein's Cheers in advance Sam Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. J

    WTB: S15 ECU urgent!

    Hello all, I desperately need a standard spec -r ECU. Whoever it was that tried to map/chip mine before I got it really made a pigs ear of it. The car is now sat at MB automotive and can't come home until I find a new ECU that Martin can do his thing on. Any sugestions of where to get hold of...
  20. L

    Front brake discs?

    Are there any aftermarket front discs out there that are better than o.e.m discs? My front discs need replacing now and wouldn't mind getting the best discs I can without upgrading anything else....Cheers.