1. J

    s15 chip ecus?

    Morning guys, Ive searched but cant find any answers, are there any staged chip ecus (like the hdev ones for a14a) for an s15, that take into account the larger injectors and different turbo on our s15s? Also, is it a bad idea to fit s14 injectors, and run a stage1a hdev s14a chip on my s15...
  2. eiden88

    WTB: OEM SpecR AFM needed

    As per tile, I need an S15 specR AFM. Tto be clear the one with 22680-69F01 code stamped on the black chip cover, and NOT the one with 52F00 Cheers all :wave:
  3. Tony

    H-Dev S15 Stage 1a chip..

    Hi guys.. just wanted to check If anyone Is running H-Dev S15 Stage 1a chip.. with the setup.. Free flow air filter * Free flow exhaust * Uprated fuel pump * Boost controller set to 1,1-1,2 bar * Front mount intercooler.. would like to know how much power It gives to our Sr20det =)??
  4. Adam L

    FS: Stock bumper

    Stock front bumper for sale - I removed this a couple of weeks ago. It had stone chip damage but is in good condition with no cracks. £100 collected
  5. J


    Hey guys, just a quicky... Whats the best/easiest way to remove the nissan badge from the rear of my s15, trying not to chip paint etc.. CheersJay
  6. D

    FS: S15 Horsham Developments stage 1a chip

    To run this chip you must have * Free flow air filter * Free flow exhaust * Uprated fuel pump * Boost controller to achieve 17psi peak boost pressure * Front mount intercooler * Super unleaded fuel (>97 RON) I would like £150 delivered
  7. T

    FS: Sideskirts

    I know what you're going to say! Noob - great first post and all. Many of you (hopefully!) will recognise me from SXOC though! Popping them here as well as SXOC and DW as I've found a set I like and need the dosh to buy them. I bought these originally with the intention of modifying them to...
  8. M

    How to set up the Z32 AFM to S15

    Hi Anybody know how to setup the z32 AFM to S15 can build up more power. Becasue I have already used the Z32 AFM now. But I feel that it is not much different as before (no Z32 AFM). I have check that the AFM is correct. nismo 550cc. Andthen I have used the chip to upgrage in the org s15...
  9. kimi

    chip and remapp

    i've just got back from having my car fitted with a new chip and remapped :D i had it done by jez [ horsham developments ] :notworthy: to jez hes a top bloke. car feels so much smoother and got loads more pull. i recomend you go see him if you thinking of having anything done. kimi x
  10. Yakozan

    Anyone knows anything about the Gizzmo chip for S15?

    just found a chip for the S15 on PB-Z webshop. The brand is Gizzmo. Anyone know anything about it? Here a link to the webpage (In swedish).