1. Lil SpecR

    Open Event: JapFest 2.... Is there a club stand?

    As the title says - are we as a club organising a stand for JapFest 2? Notice its moved location, used to be at Donny but I would like to go anyway, if there is a club stand you guys are my first choice haha :D
  2. LeddersD

    Got the Bodykit on

    Well it's taken a bit of time till the weather has improved etc. but 7 months later the original 2nd hand JDM aero parts have been prepped and painted and attached. Screwed in at the bottom and taped in the middle. Very happy with the sourcing of the skirts from Mitch, who I met in a car park in...
  3. J

    FS: brand new (never fitted) s15 front geomasters

    hi, im selling these as need the money to put into other things :( dont really want to sell but dont have a choice. £350 posted to the uk. never fitted and only just opened the box.
  4. C

    Another Scottish Noobie

    Hi there everyone, I'm Alex from Stirling in Scotland. I'm currently in working with Mike from Torque GT to import a spec R with a aero kit in any colour really. As this will be my first experience of both rear wheel drive and turbo's I'm hoping you guys can share your knowledge and expertise...
  5. S

    S15 Spec R

    A few pics from when i got silvi home would like some bbs lm's , seams to be my fav choice at the moment
  6. M

    S15 Silicone Hose Kit

    Hoses manufactured by SFS Used by some of the finest race teams including Peugeot WRC, Ford Motorsport, Prodrive, Ascari, Bentley and Aston Martin Available in RED GREEN YELLOW BLUE PURPLE ORANGE AND BLACK Coolant hoses only available for the S15 £55 delivered mainland UK :) Due to the huge...
  7. T

    My Fly wheel....

    Morning all! Mid engine build made a bit of a discovery! I dont have the dual mass fly, and inplace its Nismo item! With the possibility of needing a new clutch soon, and understanding that I may or may not beable to use an S14 clutch kit (better choice and cheaper) I;d like to try and...
  8. T


    I've done a search but getting mixed answers... I know the fronts are 6.5"/165mm thats fine lots available but when i mesure the rears i get 160mm - can i still get 165mm ones in there as im very limited on choice otherwise? Many thanks S15OC!
  9. I

    tire choice?

    What tires would i put on these wheels 17x7.5 +30 17x8.5 +40
  10. L

    Newbie with a 200 :wave: :)

    Hi all.. thought I'd best introduce myself! I'm Lou, can mostly be found over on SXOC..currently driving a Nissan Silvia s14 :) and before that had a Mk2 MR2 Turbo :) Popped on here to invite you all to an event I'm organising, so thought I should say hi in here as well :) Heres the 14: I...
  11. S


    hi guys, i got a few question to ask..i ve got 2 choices in buying a clutch, 1 from exedy, 1 from cusco. both wanna get the organic/coppermix type. 1) which will be a better choice? 2) pedal efforts are the same? 3) how much it can hold? regards, shawn
  12. K

    exhaust choice ??

    im trying to decide which exhaust to buy , anyone have any pics or sounds bytes for exhuast system of choice ??
  13. Yakozan

    Street cars fest Stockholm, Sweden

    Attended a show this weekend. Alot of stereocars with 1345972458 screens and 328723 speakers which I don't really like, but I managed to find some gems :) Top Secret widebody Supra. This thing was wiiiiiiide. Winner of Peoples choice. 1000hp + Porsche Swedish tank. The fast...
  14. R

    The swedes are taking over!

    Hehe or perhaps not but wouldn't be too bad, ah well enough of the world domination talk ;) The name's Erik Rausner and I live in the southwest of Sweden in a town called Helsingborg which could be called Swedens LA (but without most of the hoodlums (we have some :P)) I've always liked the...
  15. V


    Thought this may be of interest for those who are considering changing their tailights, as there are some here I haven't seen before :cool: : My choice would be the LEDs from Wisesquare, but cant...