1. richy200

    DWYB 2nd December pics

    Hi guys i have over 130+ pics of my car alone (the photographer took these of the car) at pod yesterday anyone else got any pics of their cars on track?? if so chuck them up here try that
  2. R

    FS: FREE

    have a standard taillight from my s15 only have the right side not posting :rotfl: so its there for the taken before i chuck it out:wave:
  3. Nicely

    Airbag in Motion

    Clearing out the shed earlier today and found my old S15 steering wheel (leather damaged). Thought 'what a waste to just chuck it', so had a bit of fun first. Amazing what you can do with a 9v battery... :D
  4. richy200

    WTB: s14 front coilovers wanted, mine are dead

    Hi guys, anyone got any front coilovers for salejust to chuck on the car for now, my front left coilover is dead. thanks
  5. M


    hey guys did a search still cant find nething. does anyone know if there is such thing as a bolt on diffuser made for s15's? im talking bout the smaller thinner ones that come standard on the gtr34 nur , or similar. i just want to chuck one on the front and rear just to finish off my kit. let me...