1. subzero

    Need pics of gear lever assembley and pics down into the gearbox.

    its been a niggly problem ive had with my car for years, time to try fix it. im gonna remove the short shifter and just put back in a standard shifter. i have a shifter and i think ive a circlip there too . just want to see how the lever is held down in the box . really appreciate any help...
  2. M

    s15 6mt gearbox, circlip mod?

    Hiya all Im new to this site and new to driving nissan, but only 3 weeks after i bought my nissan s14 my gearbox broke down. I opened it and saw what went wrong, circlip failure at 4th gear, I started to search the net to see if other people have had the same problem and there were alot :). I...
  3. Fruitbooter

    Removing gear stick

    Just wanted to check a few things. Ive read Nicelys guide I want to remove the stick to fill the box up with oil so need to make sure all the parts go back together etc...from the photos it looks like theres all sorts of like...
  4. N

    S15 6 Speed Gearbox Rebuild, Strengthen and Circlip Issue Thread.

    Well the time had come where the clutch started slipping and needed replacing. So I thought I would replace it with an up rated clutch setup and look into getting the gearbox stripped down, checked out, send the gear set off to be Cryogenically treated to strengthen it and fix the circlip...
  5. I

    Gearbox self destructed for Christmas - thanks Santa. Sound like circlip failure?

    I'm 100% sure my 3rd / 4th gear circlip has let go. There is talk some people weld the gear in place vs regrooving and fitting a larger circlip. Has anyone had experience with either method?
  6. S

    6MT Gearbox circlip

    Right, as I'm sure your all aware, the S15's 6 speed gearbox is subject to alot of hearsay about how weak it is. And I'm sure you are all aware if you have read through all the threads regarding this issue, there are alot of different opinions on how to overcome this problem and the actual...
  7. C

    what is the symptoms of circlip failure

    Hi. Any one able to detail this? Thanks C.
  8. japmadlad


    can some1 give me a quick idea about strengthenin da 3/4 gear circlip?. what is the problem with it? thanks