1. Jaydej

    Bee R limiter

    Hey people just found out about theese things what are the pro's and con's for use on a circuit or sprint?
  2. S15_SAM

    My Japan trip story! Very long and pic heavy!

    Well Japan, the holy land of JDM, temples, touge and thankyou's. As some of you may know I recently went to Japan on my honeymoon here's my story..... I cannot describe how incredible Japan is. Its one of those places you have to visit to appreciate. I can tell you 10 times over how polite...
  3. N

    Hi All, Just a short introduction.

    Hi All, Just a short introduction. I’m Nicola and I work for Modified Live & JAE some of you may already know me but to those that don’t, hello. Hope you don't mind me posting on your forum and keeping you all up-to-date with the up & coming events in 2012. I shall will post up our next...
  4. C

    How to: Check S15 Fault Codes - Paperclip Method

    Whilst helping justin666 with his non-starting S15 last week, he showed me how to flash up fault codes on the S15 ECU. I wasn't aware it was possible to do this until last week so here's a quick guide for everybody else.. Nissan ECCS allows you to read any stored fault codes without any...
  5. E

    Circuit/Drift 1.5way or 2way diff ?

    Hi guys, I need to buy a LSD diff for my S15.. The issues I have is I'm building my car for circuit use and I've now got the itch to give drifting a go ... I know all the drifters use a 2way diff and circuit racing a 1.5way ... What can you guys reccomend as I was concerned a 2way might...
  6. JaseYpk

    Headlights Cutting Out!!

    Howdy! Latest defect with my car.. The headlights cut out for a split second when i hit some(not all) bumps in the road, and also cut out randomly for a few seconds whilst driving. Not very nice on a black motorway doing motorway speeds. scared the life out of me haha. Anyways, its obviously a...
  7. Feast Japan

    Ebisu Fall Grip Matsuri 11-2010

    When you hear about Ebisu Circuit, the thought of drifting springs to mind. In the last couple of years at least, media gateways like Speedhunters and others alike have done a spectacular job in sharing the best of drifting out of this well know circuit. However many do forget that the main...
  8. koullis

    FS: SARD 850cc injectors for sale and Circuit Sports Rail

    I have a set of 850cc SARD injectors and a Circuit Sports Rai with 500miles on them. Reason for sale is that my new plenum works with top feed injectors. Injectors £270 posted Fuel rail £170 posted
  9. H

    Hypnotik S15

    Hypnotik 425whp S15 This is my car, it was basically stock when I got except for a RS*R exhaust, some ugly wheels, and a crappy FMIC. The car was originally a Spec S but it's been swapped to a S15 SR20DET and a S14 5-speed. Here's what the car has now, all of this was done by myself in the...
  10. Nicely

    Project Hilux - stage two complete

    As some of you might know, I bought a Hilux the other month as a second vehicle and daily drive. Anyone who has sat in a Hilux will tell you that it is somewhat basic... Mine was no different. Couple that with a knackered bench seat and something needed doing. Got myself and entire set of...