1. C

    Cleaning the AC

    After leaving the car outside for a few days some leaves got into the AC and they ended up rotting. The AC rn smells straight up like bog and I've managed to get the air filter out and wash it like it's recommended in the service manual (I'll get a new one later, shipment, stuff, etc.), but I...
  2. K

    Fuel injector cleaning and testing

    Could anyone know or recommend any company which does fuel injector cleaning and testing please? Thank you
  3. oilman

    Kleers at Opie Oils

    Hi all As you know, at Opies, we’re pretty enthusiastic about cleaning and detailing. We stock a huge range of top quality products from an array of highly respected brands. One such brand that has caught our eye in the last few months is Kleers. They have been making waves across the UK and...
  4. N80Jamie

    Factory Xenons + MOT

    Hi all, just had my local garage that I take all my cars to get MOT'd turn around and say my S15 won't pass due to the Xenons. They're saying the new MOT rules state that all cars with xenon lights need cleaning devices which the S15 obviously didn't come with.. Anyone else had this issue? Is...
  5. J0R04N

    Engine steam clean

    Was looking into getting my engine bay steam cleaned. Has anyone had this done?? Some people have said it can cause problems, but I am sure mine was cleaned when I brought it. If it hadn't someone had spent a hell of a lot of time cleaning it :) Want it all looking new ready for japfest :) Can...
  6. S15AK

    engine bay cleaning

    Ok going to give by engine bay a good clean, anyone got any tips? Also what cleaning products to people use? Thanks in advance
  7. pegliobaglio

    Cleaning inside the headlights

    HI guys as the title suggest I have noticed over the last few weeks that I have gotten condensation on the inside of one of my headlights and it has started to look quite dull and dirty,I have seen the link for cleaning inside headlights in the usefull threads,but just wondered if anyone had...