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Cleaning the AC

6 July 2019
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After leaving the car outside for a few days some leaves got into the AC and they ended up rotting. The AC rn smells straight up like bog and I've managed to get the air filter out and wash it like it's recommended in the service manual (I'll get a new one later, shipment, stuff, etc.), but I can see there is a lot of rubbish in the AC box (The big black thing where the evaporator sits).

I would like to open it and clean it up but it's really hard to get there. I'm sure I've finally managed to get out all the screws (6 of them) holding the bottom of the box and the 2 large ones securing the box to the dash but it still won't really budge. I'm afraid there is a hinge at the rear of the box.

Did anyone attempt that before? Do you know if I can force the thing open at this point without damaging stuff or will I be forced to remove the whole assembly in order to clean it?