1. A

    Cant start car, ECM Relay not Engaging on its own, :/

    Finally went about tackling my no start issue with my S15 Spec-R, after fiddleing about for a while i Noticed the ECM relay (the brown relay located behind the ECU) was not Engaging on its own thus the coilpacks where not getting 12V. I took the cover off clicked the Relay switch together with...
  2. K


    How do I put pictures on my for sale advert on my mobile as it just keeps trying to make me type a link in if I click image? Thanks in advance
  3. A

    Need Your Help to get to SEMA

    Hello, My name is Alex and I competing in Performance Auto and Sounds Magazine's Tuner Battle Grounds. The way it works, is they have 5 Stages, with each stage, they eliminate half of the field. I am currently in Stage 4 which ends tomorrow at 3:00 EST. The only way to advance is by getting...
  4. 2fst4u

    Calling all amateur auto-electricians!

    Big problem, hopefully simple fix: Last I drove my car, the headlights were working. Between then and now, they have stopped. Kaput. Here are my symptoms: 1. Park lights and interior/dash lights turn on after turning the combination switch one click, 2. Those same lights remain on, none turn...
  5. W

    Rays wheels - Discounts

    Guys, The new catalogue is out and weaveworx are approved dealers... early Xmas present? RAYS 2011 SUMMER UPDATE - CLICK ME Discounts available too guys. PM me your requirements and I will sort you out!
  6. ChrisKnottIns

    Car clubs online magazine/free competition from chris knott insurance

    Just as a reminder as the free competition expires at the end of the month. All you have to do is read our online interactive magazine and answer 3 simple questions to be in with a chance of winning 12 months’ comprehensive UK Breakdown Cover. Click the link and good luck –...
  7. Marcus

    Nissan contest - Vote S15 to victory :)

    I just participate to contest. Contest is all about cars and almost everything that is involving cars. It held by Nissan Finland so I thought to get my own Nissan Silvia to take part of this contest. So now guys, I need little support from you :) Let get S15 to won this thing!! All you have...
  8. sliding-r

    Clicking when in boost, sound like it from ECU??

    hi, I fitted my greddy boost controller and fuel pump today no problems really! drove the car and have now kind of got the controller set up @ low boost till its mapped but have noticed a clicking sound when touching boost when i left the cinema tonight, it wasnt doing it before when the...
  9. channie

    This site seems to be far superior than the sxoc!!

    Just though i'd say that... never noticed the layout when you click view profile! I thought this was the say layout as the sxoc??
  10. oilman

    Collect your oil at shows

    The Opie Oils "collect your oil at shows" order system is now up and running in the "Members Section" of our website To order your oil for collection at a show, saving carriage costs you need to follow this procedure: 1. Go to our site and log into the "Members...
  11. U

    andy's s15 (no mods yet)

    i just got her a week ago and im still recovering from the blow i copt from the insurance pay :( hopefully ill start the mods soon :) that wing and the reflectors are the first things gettin sold on ebay look this is too confusing to add pix in the text box so just click on the links thnx...
  12. Yakozan

    Video: D1GP @ Silverstone (from Option DVD?)

    Click me and thou shall be rewarded :D
  13. Yakozan

    Video: Hyperlemons drift S15

    What happened to hyperlemon who used to be on this forum? Well found a video of his S15 which I think is sold now though. Click me
  14. Yakozan

    Video: old S13 Silvia TV add

    Click me. I know you want to :D
  15. Yakozan

    movie: The slow and the lame :)

    Gave me a laugh :D Click me to see it
  16. Yakozan

    Video: EVO6 vs S15

    Click me
  17. Yakozan

    Video: Japanese Silvia S15 commercial

    Found it while looking at unpimp ze auto :) Click me
  18. Yakozan

    Ninja hampster dance :)

    Why don't we make this the official S15OC dance :rotfl: Sorry for the long loading time :wave: click me
  19. sushiming

    400bhp S15 silvia

  20. sushiming

    Wheel Offset Calculator

    click I found this might be some good too ppl