1. D

    S15 Vs the rollers...

    Well.... today a bunch of locals decided to have a rolling road session... Happy to say, i made the most! :D (says a lot for people round my way don't it??? lol) 269.9BHP and 232FT/Lb stuffs here....CLICKY!
  2. Topper

    Latest Bov Technology

  3. Topper

    Street Drifting

    Highly illegal in every country i imagine, and is by no means endorsed by the club. But boy got skills - Clicky :wave: :EDIT: to say its 15 mintes long and not the same all the way through.
  4. Topper

    HKS S15

    Stolen from SXOC - Clicky Loving the start button :thumbs:
  5. sushiming

    RB power S15

  6. Topper

    Power Figures converter

    Clicky :)
  7. Topper

    Fancy a lift in this taxi?

    Clicky :wave:
  8. Topper

    Albert or Elizium ? ? ?

    Was this one of you guys?? Clicky :wave:
  9. sushiming

    Top spec Silvia keke =)

    Clicky hahaha its wicked hehe :D