1. Z

    Changing Climate Control Colour/Replacing broken LED | S15

    Hello and welcome to another new Tutorial! This can only be done in the Jap Spec S15's, ADM ones may share bulbs, and process to remove is similar, so you can follow along too with discretion. For this tutorial, all you will need it a few Phillips head Screw Drivers and the appropriate...
  2. H

    Double din plastic piece

    Hey all, Just wondering where I can get the small plastic piece that covers the gap between the double din head unit and the climate control? Cant seem to find it anywhere.
  3. B

    Electric Window/Folding Mirror Switch SHOULD IT LIGHT UP ?

    Hi have looked through many pages of the Electrical Section but cant find a answer, apologies if its been covered already been trying to sort out all the illumination on the inside of the car, Instrument cluster, climate control unit & lighter surround are sorted, are the switches in the...
  4. M

    F4 pin out and climate control wiring

    I have a 2002 jdm spec r which I've swapped an ls2 into, and my climate control won't come on now. I understand the original f4 plug for the Ecu has other wires going into it such as passenger indicator and wiper motor wiring which I've sorted. But I can't find an accurate pin out for the s15 f4...
  5. Lanyard

    Lights on climate control panel - Some not working?

    So since I imported this car, some of the back lights for the buttons on the climate control system have never worked with side lights or main beam. Demist, fan speed, re-circ and fresh do not light up but the rest are fine. I'm assuming this is just an led that's gone or loose wire, but...
  6. M

    WTB: Climate control unit

    As in title. In desperate need of one. Cash waiting
  7. G

    Jdm s15 fsm

    Hi all I'm in urge need of the japanese S15 service manual. Anyone know where to get it? I need it for the wiring diagram of the s15 digital climate unit, it is not documented in english s15 fsm. Thanks alot Philipp
  8. F

    WTB: Interior parts required

    Hi all, I am in need of - s15 double din cage or whichever size unit it is that sits behind the fascia - s15 climate control unit Ready and waiting :) let me know what you've got Cheers Alex
  9. A

    Climate control (air flow mode door)

    Hi! Tried to do a forum search, but found nothing similar, so I'm asking for your help. I have a S15 with digital climate control box. Recently I noticed that air flow direction didn't change (feet/front/windshield). And I can see that air direction latch is not moving when I press mode button...
  10. J0R04N

    Taping sound from climate control

    I have had this noise since I brought the car. The climate control makes a strange taping sound when changing which vents the air comes from. Lasts around 5-10 seconds any ideas or is this normal?
  11. crazymat666

    climate control and fuel

    hey ino the AC uses fuel but does climate control?ive had it switched off for tonight and noticed the difference in fuel consumption is it just in my head though??
  12. S15AK

    Help! climite control unit?

    Ok need help please, really not sure what I can do with this. My S15 for some reason didn't come with the nice digital climate control unit. I believe it was an optional extra (my S15 start life as a specS). Or it's the unit from an S14, either way I've now bought the climate control unit. I...
  13. sniffy

    climate control blubs

    anyone know where i could get the bulbs that go into the climate control mine have gone and i cant seem to find the went to my local nissan dealer and they dont have em.
  14. A

    Climate control help

    Hey all, I stumbled over this and have always wanted to convert my slider to a cimate control unit. So I jumped into my s15 service manual to see if they had info on where all the parts go. However... the s15 manual I have is...
  15. A

    Climate control and mirrors

    I was wondering how hard it would be to convert a non climate controlled s15 to one with climate control. Any one know? Also... does any one know whaqt is involved in changing mirrors to electrically foldable ones?