1. A

    WTB: Few bits

    Hy guys I a man after few bits close to West Sussex as possible so I can collect blue bonnet blue spoileress boit lid passengerside seatbelt clip in bit with the sensor wire connector also exhaust heat shield many thanks
  2. J

    WTB: Rear seat belts

    Just need the short parts that bolt to the floor that the belts clip into
  3. LuPix_S15

    LuVidz Presents *Japfest 2012* Video

    Hi folks, Just finished editing and putting together my Japfest 2012 video :) Hope you enjoy it and sorry Mike, I don't seem to have kept that clip of you reversing (or trying to lol) :wack: Cheers! James ...
  4. Fruitbooter

    Has anyone got access to Nissan part numbers?

    I need to get some new clips which hold the side skirts on, the yellow ones that go into the car that the skirts clip into..and also maybe the bits that are on the skirts side to. (unless you’ve removed your skirts it sounds complicated but there’s basically 2 parts, the bit that fits into the...
  5. JonoS15

    Air bag light clip

    I have recently bought an aftermarket steering wheel for my s15. But the clip that came with the boss to cancel the airbag light did not fit. Does anybody know where i can get one to fit? or a way of stopping it? (without taking out the bulb lol). cheers jono
  6. LuPix_S15

    Cancelling Seatbelt Warning Light

    Folks, I've had my Bride driver's seat fitted for a while now and the only way I could think of cancelling the seatbelt warning light at the time and up to today is to pull the OEM seatbelt round the back of the seat and clip in the belt from behind etc :wack: Now I'm getting annoyed that...
  7. S

    Interior bulb blown

    How does the light come off, just clip it off?? Or is there a trick to it? Cheers.
  8. DeanS15

    WTB: nissan din blanking plate/cover

    as described above, need the blanking cover that fits above the radio slot, looks something like the picture below, must be the one that fixes in with screws and not just a clip in one. thanks.
  9. S

    How do you remove E clip on actuator?

    HKS Actuator question... Where to access E clip from? Top or bottom? What tool to use and how? I don't wanna lose it....
  10. J

    Help with the Skyline

    Can any of you suggest a way to fix this problem? The wiring connector that clips to the AFM on the Skyline (R34-GTT) doesn't 'clip' anymore as the clip snapped off (me and my big fingers!) Anyway - now it simply sits in place and every now and then we have a problem with the conection which...