1. K

    DIY CAN bus gauge / clock

    I had wanted a way to display an AFR gauge in the car without adding extra gauges and so I set about making this, utilizing the stock clock location and control stalk. It's not such an easy install into an S15 as it requires cutting and drilling to the gauge cluster and destroying the original...
  2. C

    Do you have an 80s alarm clock or a bong?

    My late '01 Spec S has a horrendous beep-beep-beep-beep alarm clock sound for door open or whatever. I've seen other S15s in videos which have a nice bong bong bong noise. Which do you have? More to the point, does anyone know how to stop it from going on and on all the time you have the keys...
  3. Sims77

    My S15

    Finally got her so I can do my own thread. Picked her up with 37000 miles on the clock and not a mark on her. Really happy.
  4. holzkreuz

    WTB: Screen Washtank & Oem Boss Centering?!

    Screen Washtank & Clock Spring I need the OEM S15 Screen Washer Tank incl. Pumps. And the Yellow Thing which is under the Airbag Steering Wheel, dont know the exact name... CLOCK SPRING Where the boss kit is mountet with ;-) Shipped to germany PM's with pics pls
  5. D

    FS: 6 speed gearbox

    Came out of my S15 spec R which has 30,000ks on the clock. I'll get some pics up later when I get to the shed. £350 collected :)
  6. Y

    Mileage clock

    Do S15 owners not convert travel from km to miles as I always see people quote km done rather than miles when selling S15's, strange... might be just me :o
  7. Alex De Large

    Newbie to be!

    Hello everyone, Thought i'd start a thread and say hi! I'm looking to buy an s15 spec r in November once my insurance runs out. Most likely in Pearl White! I've been reading this forum on a daily basis and there are some sweet looking s15's on here! :thumbs: Seems like a great forum and I...
  8. S

    clock and central locking not workin properly

    Hey guys ive had this problem since i bought the car but since its a minor thing i havent really been bother by it, but i thought i'd post it up here to see if you guys can help me out. 1st problem: My clock dosnet work at all. I aint sure why but it just dosent, so could someone please help me...
  9. G

    FS: S15 model car

    For Sale Still in its box 0 miles on the clock, as I dont own a S15 never felt the need to make the kit. £20 delivered in the UK.
  10. japmadlad

    little help.

    I popped a fuse for the back lights while wiring up a rear fog for the MOT. pulled what I thought was a spare 10A fuse from the bottom left of the board in drivers footwell to replace it with. Lights are all working fine but now I have no clock & the speedo isn't working. the rev counter & fuel...
  11. S

    Fuel guage & Rev counter not working!

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? Since collecting my car from an importer who shall remain nameless :censored:, the rev counter and fuel gauge have never worked. Said Importer :censored: suggested that I sent the clock set back to the electronics place to get the whole lot re-mapped...
  12. S

    Hello All

    Hello, my name is James, ive owned an S15 for 3 months and have been a fan of these forums for a while now, the main reason that i have only joined now is that i am after some advice on the value of my car. before i go on, if this thread should be somewhere else, i apologise. Anyway, its a...
  13. D

    Hi every one

    hello have owned a s13 , s14 , and now the daddy s15 spec r just got it home and going to build it into a drift car . so hope you all can point me in the right direction for parts i might need . the car is well kitted already blitz boost controler blitz air intake greddy oil temp clock greddy...