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    WTB: WANTED. Front wings

    Hi everyone looking for a pair of front wings ( in white would be great) but not that fussy. I'm in Ramsgate, Kent so closer the better unless your willing to post 👍👍 Cheers
  2. P

    Ey =)

    Hey Everyone, My name is Olivia. I came across this site while looking to import an s15. The car's not allowed into Canada for a few more months but I thought I'd get a head start and try to find an import now, rather than later. I guess I'm just super impatient, I've been waiting a whole seven...
  3. K

    WTB: s15 front bumper

    a spec r will do the job, closer to kent would be better but willing to travel within reason. thanks konrad
  4. E

    Memory refresher needed - fuel lines...

    All unfortunately my memory is not as good as I hoped and the text I put on my labels has faded... need a quick bit of input At the bottom of the engine bay close to the firewall are the two fuel hard pipes - one has an almost 90 deg bend in it, the other closer to 45 deg. I'm currently...
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    WTB: S: Boot lid + Wing - S15

    Hi! Looking for the Rear Spoiler inkl Boot lid! Can somebody take a closer look in the garage :) Thanks!
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    engine oil viscosities - what do you use?

    Ok guys - what oil weight do you use? The manual states 10-30W. I'm currently using 10-60 Castrol formula R (Now called EDGE). I'm wondering whether I should switch to a grade closer to the manufacturer's spec. What do you think?