1. L

    FS: 6 speed box and comp clutch + lighten flywheel

    Got a mint 6 speed sr20 gearbox, been fully rebuilt with new bearings and fitted with nismo 6th gear, box has done about 2000 miles since rebuild, used genuine nissan oil since rebuild, reason is going cd009, comes with short shifter too( never had issues with it, don’t know make as came from...
  2. C

    Something badly wrong with my car, Help!

    Happened about 3 months ago, as I accelerated away from a roundabout I heard a loud bang like something had snapped. Now I can put the car in any gear release the clutch and the car won’t move there’s a small rattling noise coming from the back of the engine/clutch area which you can only hear...
  3. L

    Upgraded Clutch Master Cylinder VS Slave

    Hi All, I have upgraded my clutch on my 1999 S15 to an Exedy HD clutch and seeking some advice regarding improving the pedal feel. Do I: Upgrade the Clutch Master Cylinder, such as the GK Tech or Sikky option Wilwood master cylinder adapter to suit S/R chassis Nissans Nissan 240sx Clutch...
  4. S

    Clutch Fork and Gearbox Input shaft Bearing?

    Hi Guys, I fitted a competition clutch kit to my s15 4 months ago and now I have some strange noises, I've narrowed it down to either be release bearing (which was replaced with the clutch), clutch fork being bent or gearbox input shaft bearing. I have already bought a genuine release bearing...
  5. R

    FS: S15 6 Speed Manual conversion

  6. P

    WTB: s15 auto to manual conversion and redtop conversion bits

    My auto NA S15 lands next week and I need a few last bits for my manual redtop conversion, -Clutch line -clutch master -clutch slave -clutch pedal -brake pedal -s15 manual prop -internal gear gaitor -gear surround -manual clocks also for the engine conversion I need -redtop intercooler...
  7. P

    WTB: S15 auto to manual conversion and redtop conversion bits

    My auto NA S15 lands next week and I need a few last bits for my manual redtop conversion, -Clutch line -clutch master -clutch slave -clutch pedal -brake pedal -s15 manual prop -internal gear gaitor -gear surround -manual clocks also for the engine conversion I need -redtop intercooler...
  8. L


    I'm going to need a clutch soon, no idea where to even look for a s15, still got the standard flywheel(i think) car will be running 370bhp(ish) don't want to have a really heavy clutch pedal, tried my friends 14 with a 6 puk clutch and that was stupidly heavy don't want to be spending stupid...
  9. S

    Hi guys, just wondering if a manual conversion package like this would work.

    S14 SILVIA SR20DET MANUAL CONVERSION | Home | Gearbox & Differental | Osaka Auto Parts This is the info they have on their website incase the link doesnt work Nissan Silvia SR20DET to suit S14 5 speed auto to manual conversion kit. * sr20det gearbox * 9 bolt det flywheel * clutch and...
  10. G

    Recommended clutch for stage 1

    Hey, looking for a bit of buying advice before I order a new clutch. Started slipping yesterday on boost so having to nurse the car about since it's my daily. Anyone got some recommendations for a stage 1 clutch? Not looking to spend more than £300, found these 2 online and wondering if anyone...
  11. G

    6 Speed Autech Flywheel - what clutch?

    Hi, Been told a 5 speed clutch will fit the single mass lightened Autech flywheel for my 6 speed S15 gearbox. For reference I am fitting a 6 speed to my SR20DE for closer ratios, and ideally would like to match the lightened flywheel with a nice 3 puk clutch or similar. Just wanted to confirm...
  12. D

    WTB: dual mass flywheel and clutch wanted

    I am looking for a dual mass flywheel, clutch and bolts for a S15 for converting my SR20 auto to a manual. Thanks Daniel
  13. T

    gearbox noise

    Hey guys I got the following problem: when I start the engine, put it in gear and give it a slight rev I get a bit of a grinding sound. It does this in first and reverse with the clutch fully pressed down (i haven't tried the other gears yet). But the thing is it only does this after I start the...
  14. bigk20

    FS: Nissan s15 spec R

    2000 Nissan silvia s15 spec r 58800 miles Bimta certified Imported by sva imports Fully underseald no rust at all Its just had a fresh respray in factory wko less than two months ago looks amazing. brand new shadow chrome badges from nissan Standard engine vvt engine Running millers...
  15. M

    S14 clutch into s15 na sr20de??

    As above will the s14 sr20det clutch and flywheel fit my s15 sr20de 5 speed ? any help greatly appreciated
  16. N

    FS: Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R Black TE37's Good Spec 66800 Miles 9 Months MOT

    .............................S15 is Now Sold...................... So, It's now come to the time for me to put up for sale my S15 that will be hard for me to let go of having owned it for nearly 9 years from 05/2007 with one previous owner when it was imported from Japan in 08/2006. The car...
  17. N

    FS: Orc 559 twin plate clutch and flyhweel, for s15 6 speed

    ORC 559 Twin plate clutch and flywheel from a s15 6 speed, as you know ORC clutches are known to be one the best on the market. Came off a s15 2.1L with 480BHP and held the power with no issues no slips and plenty of life left on the plates. Very road friendly clutch and easy bite. Only reason...
  18. cviesins

    Clutch Noise??? PLEASE HELP

    Here is a video of the sound: When I push the clutch pedal in, and release it, there is a "rubbing" noise. When releasing the pedal, it feels very sticky, and is difficult to release smoothly which makes for a jumpy/jerky start. It is an ORC 409 Single Plate Clutch...
  19. Mycool

    Weird squealing noise

    Hi all. For about a week now ive noticed this weird whistle, squeal whilst driving my 15 but whenever i apply any preasure to the clutch it goes. Then it comes back again when i release the clutch. Does any of you have any idea what this could posibly be? Cheers