1. V

    ECU identification

    ECU identification *Updated with photo* Hi guys, I need to see if my car has got a standard or aftermarket ECU. Is there an easy way to tell by looking at it in the cage? E.g colour differences, codes, markings? I've undone the screw and taken the connector off but was none the wiser at that...
  2. B

    Air Flow Meter question

    Possibly a dumb question but anyway.... Are the AFMs the exact same on the spec S and spec R or are they different? Are the codes different etc.
  3. C

    ignitor amplifier pin outs needed

    Anyone have the pinouts / connections of a Ignition Amplifier [Niss module]. It has the following codes on it Nissan 22020 85M00 and Hitachi DIS04-02 Thanks
  4. JaseYpk

    WTB: Bonnet Catch!!

    Simple request. Anyone got a bonnet catch that doesnt rattle that they want to sell? Apparently S14 ones are the same, but Nissan state different product codes, so i'm not 100% on that. Any help? Cheers
  5. 0

    S15 purchase irregularities

    hey guys lots of info here so i signed up and i have a question. i was looking through the specs page and misc page i found linked to this site. i noticed the codes you had listed for the different models etc. my question is i am looking at a car at the moment that is listed as a spec r...