1. vengee*

    WTB: S15 OEM coil packs

    Hi all! Looking for S15 oem coil packs. I've tried few online shops and ebay sellers and since I'm not able to get them in our country, I need to buy them online... Anyone knows where to get new ones in Europe? The problem is stock currently, so I'd have to wait 2-3 months, which is a no-go for...
  2. Cess

    GT-R coil pack conversion

    I was wondering is anyone running a GT-R coil pack conversion? If so, what was involved, where did you buy your bits and what was the outcome? Contemplating a coil pack conversion, but not sure if it is complete overkill for my current spec (Stage 1A).
  3. A

    FS: Tomei coil pack cover

    £80 Tomei engineering metal & vented coil pack cover.
  4. A

    Coil pack wire harness + exhaust manifold shield removal

    noob questions! So I decided to buy a new harness to go with my new coil packs...why not, its old as f**k. It looked simple to do but I see the earth wire disappears round the back of the engine, under the cowl & I cant see where it goes or how I would get a spanner in there. Anyone tell me...
  5. A

    Coil packs!

    I hear conflicting things about coil packs, some say Splitfire are better than OEM, others say you cant go wrong with OEM & aftermarket are rubbish. Seems theres 3 options most people talk about. OEM Nissan £400+ Splitfire £400+ Audi R8 (is this easy to do?) £20 each!? Which is best, any...
  6. F

    WTB: S15 coilpack

    Looking for one good working coil pack as mines on its way out , thanks
  7. M4TT

    WTB: Ignition coil pack

    Hi guys, Seems as though one of my coil packs is giving up, looking for a replacement oem one while I decide on whether I go down the splitfire route or not Let me know if you have anything :) Cheers, Matt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. S

    WTB: Standard s15 spec r parts

    Hi, I'm looking for... s15 spec r full engine loom, Inc. Coil pack loom. Standard s15 spec r 480cc injectors. s15 spec r rocker cover. It needs to be an s15r one to ensure my coil packs fit. Any help would be much appreciated appreciated. Thanks.
  9. S15_SAM

    WTB: S15 ignition coil needed

    As above please, need a genuine S15 coil. Only need one good one! Thanks Sam
  10. M

    FS: Splitfire coilpacks

    Splitfire sr20 will need s14 valve cover to fit s15 coil packs for sale in tyne and wear but will post brand new only fitted to car and then removed as car got broke up for parts Fixings are missing but im sure your original coil pack fixings will work £200ono
  11. A

    starting problems

    Hey a couple weeks ago I had a breakdown caused by art of the wiring loom falling onto my manifold and melting through the clip* since then I've had trouble starting I've sorted the wiring out, replaced the spark plugs coil packs and a new...
  12. H

    Hello from the East Coast

    Hey, I'm Chris from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia been snooping around the forums from sometime now, awaiting the right time to purchase my very own S15. Well the time has come and its on it way from Japan as we speak. I ended up picking up an very low KM 1999 Spec S Auto for a really good price. It...
  13. Tommy Kaira

    FS: Coil pack for sale

    Hi guys, One of my coil packs died a death so I got a set of spitfires. This means I've got 3 good coil packs available. If anyone needs one, just shout. Need to post a price so £50 each or offers
  14. Tommy Kaira

    WTB: Coil pack needed!

    Hi all, Think a coil pack has gone on the S15. The car is running on 3 cylinders when warm. Has anyone got a spare for sale? I'm looking at quite some time before I can get a set of splitfires over from Japan. Help! :cry:
  15. S15AK

    WTB: S15 loom (coil packs)

    Hi guys I think my coil pack loom is breaking down due to the heat, so I need another one. I've not seen any up for sell, but if anyone is breaking an S15 let me know please.. Or if anyone with FAST access could get me the part number for Nissan that would be helpful Cheers
  16. S15AK

    Borrow some S15 coil packs please...

    Hi Guys Long shot I know, but I need to borrow some coil packs, std or splitfires to work out if mine are knackered (currently splitfires). I don't want to fork out for a new set if they aren't the problem. I've had everything else looked at, vacuum system smoked tested, had it on the rolling...
  17. Jay-pan

    Rough running problems

    This has just started recently after I thought I cured it with my splitfire coil packs. Basically I start car when cold it will run fine then start popping once or twice and then run really rough like a coil pack but I've unplugged each one when it does it and it goes worst! Secondly could be...
  18. S

    WTB: Known good coil packs SpecR

    Just been checking stuff over on my car and it looks like I have a coil pack down which is causing my miss fire. does anyone have a good set of know working coil packs from their SpecR? I want to double check that it is the coil pack before buying a new set. cheers
  19. Jay-pan

    Hesitation when starting

    Hi guys, probably an easy fix i hope. But recently fitted a Walbro fuel pump a week ago, but on friday the car cut out when i was just below quarter of a tank put in 30 quid and it started after a few pumps. Came to the conclusion that i hadn't fitted it on the bracket correctly so was sitting...
  20. Jay-pan

    WTB: Splitfire Coil packs.

    No need got a set of splitfires for a steal :)