1. A

    FS: Rear Adjustable Tein Coilovers for sale AUD$300 ONO

    Hello there I have the rear 2 Tein coilovers for Sale. These have come off the car as I had a seized front right coilover and decided it was best to replace them all with the same branded coilover. The coilover has height and dampening adjustments. In good condition, no leaks. Looking to sell...
  2. M

    HSD Coilovers for the S15

    HSD Coilovers The HSD HR coilover is exactly what the performance tuning scene has been crying out for. No longer do you have to accept an inferior/compromised product when spending less than £1000 on coilover suspension. The HSD HR has been specced by HSD Europe, for our roads, and tracks...
  3. V

    FS: Tein Well Balance Master Type NA - S14/S15

    These immaculate condition Tein Well Balance Master Type NA (DMN66-11746) were removed out of a S14 Silvia. They will fit the S15 Silvia as well. The type NA damper can be used from the street to the circuit with 16 levels (clickable) expansion and contraction adjustable mechanism. This...
  4. L

    Coilover ajdusment

    total noob ere...Wanted to know to how would i adjust my HKS Hyperpro MAx coil overs they are too stiff want to soften them. Anyone know any garages in ireland who specialized in coilover adjustment ?
  5. subzero

    adjusting tein rear coilovers ??

    just made the front of the s15 harder yesterday, found them very spungy and was hitting the road a lot. just turned the adjuster at the top as normal .... now for the back ( so the exhaust wont be hitting as much) , how do i get to adjust em ?? how do i get to the top of the coilover , i...
  6. DeanS15

    coilover clearance

    hey people, need to pick your brains.... i'd like to know which coilover set up gives the most clearance for wide wheels between the apex gen2's and tein flexs. once again ive had another change of idea and am looking to go 9.5 with 225 tyres all round as someone else had fitted. im on the...
  7. Darren_S15

    Fitting Coilover Issues

    This is really only going to apply to people with Apex Performance Gen 2 Coilovers but I guess other people might be albe to tell me if what I have done is OK? I put my new coilovers on this weekend, but when it came to putting the brake lines into the slot on the coilover they were quite a...
  8. H

    Hanks S15 Spec-R

    Hi all, Been hovering around this forum for a while now, thought it would be nice to post some more details of my car! `99 Spec-R Colour: Pearl White Specs (so far): BN-Sport bodykit FRP hood Sparco hoodpins Crazy locking 2way diff Twin Exhaust cat-back Performance catalyst Blitz I-Color Boost...