1. Alex De Large

    WTB: S15 Coilpack

    Hi all, Looking for a replacement coil pack as one of mine has decided to fail. Let me know if you have one for sale.:)
  2. F

    WTB: S15 coilpack

    Looking for one good working coil pack as mines on its way out , thanks
  3. Jaydej

    DRIFTWORKS coilpack any good?

    As the titles says are they good? Also if not any recommendations ? cheers everyone
  4. E

    S15 no power at coilpack plug?

    My s15 will not spark and have been trying too sort it the last few weeks..i removed my aftermarket immobiliser which i though was the problem (k9 alarm) stil no spark.Engine is getting fuel,engine turns over no problem,but when i check my plug which plugs into the coilpack i am reading 0v with...
  5. T

    coilpack cover bolts

    ive lost my coilpack cover bolts so can someone please tell me the correct size thread and length /type of head :thumbs:
  6. G

    WTB: s15 spec-r coilpack

    hello I'm looking for a coil pack from a s15 spec-r. has someone? Thanks gielie
  7. Joeh

    WTB: S15 coilpack/s

    My S15 has a faulty coilpack or two so I'm looking for a good set or single/few coilpack Please let me know what you've got Im London/Watford based, can call me on 07854541279 Joeh
  8. J

    WTB: s15 coilpack harness wanted, asap!

    need it a.s.a.p :(
  9. H

    Running on 3 cylinders

    I can't figure this **** out. Last weekend I went out for a short drive and coming around a roundabout I got into and it dropped a cylinder. It has done this before about 6 months ago. I remade the coilpack harness and it has been fine ever since. This time, I figured out which coilpack...
  10. J

    WTB: Coilpacks

    Hey guys, im after a coilpack or two, let me know :) thanks
  11. A

    Engine Issue - Coilpack? And manifold/exhaust questions

    Hi all Ok, so after owning my new S15 for about a month now, and replacing the turbo gasket (Turned into a nightmare, Japspeed manifold not fitting, Japspeed elbow being poor quality too!) ive finally managed to enjoy driving it, up until last week.. Now, ive been searching the forum most of...
  12. T

    Carbon coilpack cover

    The s15 and s13/14/14a coilpack covers are different slightly aren't they?? Does anyone make a flat non vented carbon coilpack cover for the s15?
  13. J

    WTB: URGENT - standard coilpack

    Anyone have a standard coilpack for sale urgently? Cheers!
  14. D

    WTB: Coilpack + coilpack harness

    As above: looking for coil pack (s) - what you got + harness
  15. C1TPT

    WTB: S15 Coilpack!

    Hi guys, Im in desperate need for a coilpack if anyone has one let me know :thumbs: Cheers!
  16. L


    Hi, does anyone know where I can get a splitfire coilpack for my 1999 s15? Thank you :)
  17. mint

    WTB: Coilpack STAT!!!

    Needs 1 single coilpack please. Cheers
  18. Yakozan

    WTB: Coilpack wanted

    Started the S15 up today and it suffered from the Subaru syndrome. So I need a coilpack :) Anyone has a good functional coilpack for me? Let me know how much wou want for it with postage to Sweden. Paypal only, unless located in Sweden or if you have a Swedish bank account for some reason.
  19. JonoS15

    WTB: sr20det coilpack

    hi guys i need an ignition coilpack for my s15. was wondering if anyone had one they didnt need that works? cheers jono
  20. D

    Two differents coilpack??

    Hallo! As you know one of my coilpacks are behaving like a ghost. The good thing is that I have found Nismo coilpack in the USA for $53.55. Can I use it with those that already works? Many Thanks! //Daniel