1. Z

    Changing Coil Packs and fixing a misfire | S15

    Hi guys. This is probably a very commonly covered topic, but today, i wanted to make a video to document the matter, and help those who may not know how to do this. This tutorial will show you how to swap your Coil Packs in your s15 if you find that they are failing, or causing misfire...
  2. S

    FS: Splitfire and nismo nob

    Hi all. Got a set of 4 splitfire coils. Bought from an importer no longer trading was promised a full refund but no longer making contact. Reason being the coils have had the bit that bolts them into the rocker removed for some reason so will require some work to get them to fit. Gonna lose...
  3. I

    No ignition on Cylinder 4

    Hi, I rebuilt the SR20 of my S15 with a few upgrades, especially a nistune Type 4 board to remap it. I got no ignition au cylinder 4, the engine runs on 3 cylinders only... I swapped the coils, but the problem is still on cylinder 4. So, I plugged a digital oscilloscope to the ECU to check...
  4. crazymat666

    anyone know the best plugs and coils to get?

    as the tittle says id like to know the best place to get the best plugs and coils from if possible :)?
  5. L

    Ignitiol coils! Help!

    Hi, I'm from Peru, I have a s15 Spec R. I want to change my coils because I will install a Haltech and I wanna know which ignition coils are better or if the original ignition coils work better?
  6. koullis

    cas problem????

    Hi, yesterday i was cruising along the beach and when i found an empty space i floored it. i hit the rev limiter and since then my car runs only with the two middle cylinders. i say that because when i removed no1 and no4 coil it made no difference, when i removed 3 and then 4 the car was trying...
  7. koullis

    S15 sr20de to coil

    Hi, how can i convert my sr20de S15 to coil? currently running a distributor. What parts will i need? thinking of using splitfire coils for s15, what else?
  8. sliding-r

    X-Trail Coils in a S15

    are X-Trails coils the same as the S15? have seen them advertised as being compatible, the reason i ask is my car is still...
  9. S

    Splitfire Ignition Coils (missing the "box")

    I bought a S15 SpecR motor to swap into my SpecS. It's got the blue Splitfire coils, and all the wiring with it to connect them like stock, however, I am missing the ignition amplifier box (left side of the picture). Will the coils work like stock without the amplifier box, or is it required for...
  10. LuPix_S15

    Lowering Coils

    Does anyone know of any lowering coils for the S15 which only lowers the car slightly (10 - 20mm)? I'm getting some Koni shock absorbers fitted and wanted to see if there were coils that could pair up with them. I've been told that Eibach do lowering coils for the S15 but they lower the car...