1. M

    Cold starting issues-ECU temp sensor?

    My most recent S15 is really struggling to start when cold, and when it does fire, it sounds like an Impreza until it is warm. It has an unmapped powerfc so I fitted a stock ECU to see if it was that. Still the same. If it fires and you don't catch it, it'll die and not start again and reek of...
  2. JDM_virgin

    electrical issues

    whilst still on the trail of getting the car repaired I am having some major headaches with the electrics firstly, does anyone know if the batery goes completely flat will this throw up an engine management error that will have to be cleared before the car is started? as my motorbike had to be...
  3. S

    strange noise/ rough start up on cold

    Car suddenly developed a rough start up and idle only on cold start sort sounds like coming from the belt also pod sounds out of place could be dusty afm? I have the z32
  4. oilman

    Cold Weather Gear Changes

    Hi all, Around this time of year we get quite a few questions about experiencing difficult gearshifts in cold weather, so we thought you might find this useful. Using the incorrect viscosity gear oil in your car can make gear changes very difficult when the gearbox, and oil are cold. This is...
  5. S

    WTB: Standard air box cold air feed

    Does any one have a stock air box cold air feed for a Spec R? cheers
  6. S

    WTB: tramsmission / starter bolts, trans cross member bolts and std cold air feed

    i seem to have mislaid the tranmssion bolts i had for my s15 (i am sure they are in a 'safe' place some where !) so does any one have the following for an S15 Spec-R: transmission to block bolts (all of them ! or some of them) starter motor bolts transmission cross member to vehicle bolts...
  7. S

    WTB: 740's/555's z32 afm fmic cold pipe

    Hi guys im after all of the above.. 740 or 555 nismo or similar injectors a z32 afm pref genuine one and i need the wiring too and a inlet side (cold) fmic pipe if at all possible with a ssqv flange or just a dv take off cash waiting send info and photo's via pm cheers
  8. S15_SAM

    Cold idle adjustment / removal. Is it ok to take this bit off.

    I'm looking for advice on the above. I'm sick of my cold idle being 2000rpm and would quite like it to be at normal idle from cold. In my eyes it would be better for the engine on start up, as less wear on the oil starved bearings straight from starting. So I've been looking today at the...
  9. justin666

    Cold start valve and CAS (99 Spec R)

    Hiya Still trying to get to the bottom of my non start so just need two quick answers for stuff that I will be trying next weekend when I can get back up to leicester to work on the car... First up, Where is this cold start valve ive been reading about? Secondly, need a part number for the...
  10. S

    Not running right after putting engine back in

    Hi, I have been experiencing a problem with the running of my car after taking the engine out over the winter. I took the engine out for the bay to be painted and to tidy everything up as it was out, however since refitting the engine it hasn't ran like it used to. When I first went to start it...
  11. oilman

    Oil & Cold Starts - Good Advice from Opie Oils

    At this time of year, it’s beneficial to use an oil that has good cold start flow properties as it will get to the parts of the engine that need it far more quickly when you turn the key on those sub zero mornings. The "w" number which means winter is the key here and the lower it is the better...
  12. Fruitbooter

    Revs drop

    Seems it only does it when cold like after just setting off. When approaching a junction or traffic lights I tend to roll up and put it in neutral and then stop, but when I put it into neutral it drops to about 700 for a second or two then goes back up to normal 900 Any idea? Is this normal...
  13. Darren_S15

    Fitting Nismo 740cc Injectors

    Here is my guide on how to fit the Nismo 740cc injectors. Use this guide at your own risk, but it worked fine for me When you start your engine bay will look something like this Before I did anything I REMOVED THE BATTERY CABLES and covered the front bumper and wings of the car with some...
  14. S

    ecu problems

    ever since i brought my car (2 months ago) each time i start it in the morning or when the engine is cold it takes ages and ages to turn over, i always need to tap my foot on the gas. I thought it was the ecu because the guy before me said that he got it tuned to protect the engine lol. When its...
  15. Hunts15

    help please

    could anyone tell me the bad news of why my s15 starts a ticking noise when started cold:( and goes after about 5 mins been running ???:confused::confused:
  16. TriniGT

    Blocking Center Vents with Defis - Future Problems???

    Using these pics for reference, I have a question regarding the gauges being installed in the center vents. I am thinking that the cold air will be hitting the back of the gauges, will that have any effects? I want to install my gauges likewise but I may just make a modification actually...
  17. mook

    Cold idle issues

    Not sure if this is electrical or mechanical, so putting it here. Had a search on idle and adjusting and didn't really find a difinitive answer to the issue I have. Basicly, when cold the idle is way too high, something close to 2000rpm. Then, when I reverse off the drive and dip the clutch to...
  18. B

    S15 giving hot air

    i have a JDM S15, and its giving hot air under foot rest. outside air is cool but inside is warm and hot all the time. it happened after i got my intercooler installed. it has climate control. i turn it down to cold max has the button which take cold air in, it help a little bit. not much...
  19. mint

    Does this sound right?

    Hi guys.. i made this vid on my phone for you lot. Does this sound ok on a cold start up ? Or am i just being paranoid?... :thumbs: :down:
  20. Y

    Gauges...Once again!

    I dont want to install in the vents because I luv my aircon too much. I like the cold! Where can I get an A pillar gauge pod thingy. CHeers guys!!