1. N

    WTB: Aero front bumper

    Prefer in pearl white but other colours fine. No fiberglass copy's please unless it's very cheap!
  2. Carta

    S15 ecu pinout colours

    I am trying to match up the colours listed in the S15 ecu pinouts thread to the cables I have cut in my car. I cant seem to make sense of the listings. There is a cable that is listed as G, is that green or grey? Also one listed as L? what does that mean? If anyone could tell me how to work...
  3. Hunts15

    REQUEST: BN Sports blister kitted s15's

    lookin for pics off bn bister kitted s15's, iv trawled the net for ones in solid colours red white etc etc but im hopin some off you have some pics hidden in yer photobucke accounts and some off ye in japan have unseen pics :) iv done google images search but photo are bad quality or too bad...
  4. DeanS15

    underbody colour scheme (for the truly anal owner) lol

    i need to get some opinions from you lot, when i have all the chassis parts blasted up over the winter i need to decide on colours, as it costs no more to bling everything up than it does to have it re-done in black.... anyway, i've taken this guys project as the inspiration, but i think its a...
  5. N

    S15 Samco Sport Rad Hose Kit Deal

    Right Guy's As you may know the S15 Radiator hoses are different to that of the S14 SR20DET. I am currently looking to order a set in and the wait on delivery is around 2-4 weeks. So if you would be interested in a set of these and prepared to wait I will be able to offer the following deal...
  6. Surfing Boris

    Pic request please

    Hi Guys, As I said in my introduce yourself section I am really keen on buying an S15, I have picked the wheels, the kit, the cf wing, I want a cf bonnet and a cf boot if there is one out there?? I love the look of the D1 cars in all the bright colours and liveries but wondering if anything...
  7. Surfing Boris

    Newbie and potential new owner

    I have been a long term massive fan of the S15, both because of they're style and quality but also because they are as rare as rocking horse poo!! I would love to own one and love looking at the pictures of all those drift cars and the bright liveries and graphics. I have been checking out the...
  8. M


    Hello S15oc:) just came over from sxoc as im currently looking to upgrade from a s14a to S15 hopefully in august (or may buy and wait until 1999 to get passed the esva) so my wishlist is basically a good condition s15, with the aero kit (same as nicelys S15 - rare?) and probably in pewter or...
  9. W

    S15 colours

    There seems to be very few colours. Most are white, with pewter being next. Do we know what the rough colour percentages are?
  10. Topper

    Wheels Colours

    Ok, so i'm not sure if i like the colour of my new wheels, think i prefered the colour of the Works wheels so am thinking of painting them to match the works wheels. however had a few comment about other colours, so if there are any Photoshop wiz kids out there give these a go - Black Bronze...
  11. Nicely

    S15 colours, codes and trims

    Spec S, R and Autech colours Black Obsidian - KH3 Brilliant Blue - TV3 (TPM) Pewter - WV2 (M) Aspen White - WK0 (3P) Super Red - AJ4 Flame Red - AR2 Lightning Yellow - EV1 Aqua Silver - BN5 (M) Varietta colours Brilliant Blue - TV3 (TPM) Sonic Silver - KR4 (M) White - 326 Flame Red - AR2 TPM =...