1. J

    Detailing Jem - A year in pictures

    What can I say, 2012 was a great year for Detailing Jem:) Comments welcome :)
  2. S

    Had some pics done

    A friend has a canon 7d and is getting into car photography and offered to take some photo's, came out very good so i thought i would share them, photobucket has killed the quality as standard but you get the idea! Also bigger ones on
  3. H

    'Hawks' Coilovers help!!

    Right hi again i got a bit of a shock when i found out that my coilovers arent ina good way. Looking and need to get new ones. Any recomendations? Ive been told that BC Racing Uk do a good set (BR series, type RA) Again any comments would help. Thanks :)
  4. 4

    carbon style wrap

    Evening all. I was looking at my stereo surround thingy as the old owner had painted it matte black, i wasnt too keen on it so i decided to have a play with it :) heres a couple of pics :) what you think? Comments and critticism welcome
  5. LuPix_S15

    More Photoshoots with Kelli & Michelle

    Ey up!! Been doing some more car shoots and got the chance to work with Kelli and Michelle again - fantastic models and always dedicated enough to 'freeze my nips off' as Kelli would say lol to help me get the best images :) Comments welcome as always... J
  6. 4

    Spec R Aero and mates evo 5 :)

    heres a few pics of my silv i cant get over how much i love it :D I also love the fact people dont know what it is :) excuse the biggish pics. and this one is my first attempt at taking a hdr picture... Comments and critticism welcome :) Cheers Andy
  7. R

    Rogz's Ride

    Here is my humble S15 (Still Stock internals) Feel free to drop your comments. Thanks. Previous Look (Stickers) Now (Clean)
  8. L

    Anyone in the TQ11 area

    Hi everyone, I suppose I should have went and introduced myself first but I'll do that eventually! I'm currently on the lookout for a S15 spec r but due to living up in Scotland there are absolutely none up here never mind any for sale. I've seen one in Torque GT that I think is nice (the...
  9. E

    R34GTT brake replacement

    I'm thinking of replacing the current one with a full one from a R34GTT, both front and back. Are there any comments? What are the exact parts I need? (Just to make sure I don't miss out any). What do you think is a good price for it? (I can do the conversion..)
  10. K


    hey guys, nice lookin cars out there. this is my first car, s15 ADM R-gT nice meetin ya all Here's wat it looks like atm, comments welcome I bet the guy with the blu silvia gona reply first hahaha :P
  11. N

    MBC and EBC. WHich is better?

    Hi bros, Just wondering, if the manual boost controller or the Electronic boost controller is better? Some say that a manual boost controller has better response. Have not tried a manual one before. Any comments? Anyone here tried both before and what are the Diff? which is better? :thumbs:
  12. J

    Have you ever driven....

    Any of you guys ever driven a Nissan Figaro?? Reviews, comments... ?
  13. C

    Autosalon s15 (aus)

    certainly one of the best s15's ive ever seen - let me know if the pics/links dont work ] enjoy and post your comments...
  14. sushiming

    Fast & Furious 3 Tokyo Drift

    Right guys just wanna see hows gonna go watch this film then.... I for one will actually take time to go watch this at the pictures it does seem like a good one any comments?