1. Judd

    FS: S14 RocketBunny DuckTail spoiler(Copy)

    S14 RocketBunny DuckTail spoiler for sale. (Copy) Brand new. £65 collection only from Cornwall. Not willing to post cos it will get trashed in transit. P.M if Interested.
  2. A

    FS: wheels and spolier £160 !!!

    hey guys, my old mans sick of me storing stuff in his garage and wants rid of aload of car parts, some i cant be asked to sell cos there worth more down the scrap yard so i have narrowed it down to my sad list of 4 alloys with brand new tires, only really done 200 miles if that, and my spoiler...
  3. A

    opinions needed! cars been keyed

    hi guys, my bonnet, boot lid & drivers side (they even had a go at the glass luck the tint provided some protection) has been key'd then 2 days later someone backed into the drivers door:furious:. this actually happed little while back cars just been sitting in the shed, during this time being...
  4. LuPix_S15

    WTB: Aftermarket S15 Front Bumper :)

    Hola :wave: Any of you guys fancy a change for 2010 lol?? I'm on the hunt for an aftermarket front bumper - open to all the popular styles like Vertex, BN Sports, Origin etc the only one I know I don't want is URAS cos it's too aggressive and hovercraft like haha :wack: Doesn't have to be...
  5. LuPix_S15

    Possible First Track Day

    Hellooo :wave: I'm just looking into going to my first track day (ever) and I've read some older posts on here to get some info but still want to ask a few more detailed questions if poss. Nicely's thread about his Japfest experience back in 2006 was interesting... :) I'm planning on going...
  6. F

    New Guy, Needs a question answered

    hi ppl, s15 owners n lovers, i came 2 this site thru sxoc, i'v wanted a s15/s14 for a while but i kno s15s dont com cheep, i wanna kno wots d best n cheepest way of gettin myself a s15, i dnt wanna spend over ?7000,cos i gotta thnk about d insurance 2. i got m8s wiv rx7s n supras dat they...
  7. P

    Nismo Key

    Has anyone got a pic of the s15 key cos im thinking about getting one of these for mine when it arrives. I haven't got a clue what the original ones look like so don't know if its worth it or not...
  8. G

    Milage check

    hey lads, if anyone wants to check the original milage of their car when it came into ireland i can check it out for them cos i have access to those records. cos ive checked a few S15s on well known irish car sales sites that have been clocked. jus want to make sure noone gets fooled cos it...
  9. LuPix_S15

    Can't take the pain anymore!

    Well, you guys (and gals) have done it... After a long hard think along with some revision of finances, I've decided to scrap waiting a year for the S15 and get it this summer :D :D I only discovered this forum last weekend but it's just turned my brain into thinking about the S15 all the...
  10. P

    Do 350Z GT4 Wheels Fit???

    Just wondering if 350z wheels fit the silvia without any mods and if these wheels are available to buy in 17's cos i think they're mint:nod: If so does anyone know who makes them?
  11. D

    Clutch Reccomendations!

    My clutch decided to go to clutch heaven tonight on me :cry: . I know i d'ont want a paddle one cos there a balls to drive with. So its an Organic i'm after. Single plate i presume. Something that'll handle 300-350bhp. Are the S14 and S15 same? I presume they'd be different cos of the whole 6...