1. C

    skimming the flywheel

    Hi. Think my clutch is about to go, where can i get the flywheel skimmed? APT could not find anywhere willing to do it when the current clutch was fitted. Anyone have a spare flywheel? C.
  2. JEZ 8553

    Hey guys/gals...

    Hello peeps, Looking to get an S15 soon to replace my FTO GPX Manual so id thought id join up and start getting to know everyone. Been a member of the FTOOC for over 3 years now...not sure if anyone else has migrated across ? Anyway i really hope i can get a chance to see some soon, may...
  3. S

    Standard Ice

    Hi all, I am looking to get some sound system in my car but looking at the standard components it looks like the will have to be replaced with bigger units. Is there a guide on how to remove the current unit without me breaking gearbox surrounds etc. Also, how would an upgrade of the current...
  4. A

    Removing steering wheel

    Hey all, I have just bought a JDM steering wheel for my s15 and was wondering if anyone can tell me how i remove the current wheel without using a handsaw :) Thanks,
  5. M

    MazzyMan with greetings from Singapore!

    Hi SR20 Friends! My wife found this site and within 2mins of browsing I just had to register! Me and my wife both drive S15s. She is registered and I guess will be doing an intro soon...with my help of course! ;) Anyhow, here's a pic of my ride as the signature. I do a fair bit of...
  6. E

    HELP URGENT: Engine swap choice?

    hi all, my buddy S15 SR20DET engine is leaking compression and burning oil, and 2 different mechanics have told him a rebuild is needed....however, the cost is not cheap...therefore, we're thinking of swapping a used S14 or S15 engine, and use the current engine as spare parts. His delimma...