1. C

    FS: * NEW* Bride MO Seat Rails for sale. Fit S15

    Hi All, Have these Bride seat rails for sale. Brand new unused due to been the wrong fitment for my current seats. Rail width is too narrow on the MO (it was an overlook on my part :annoyed:) £130ea posted within UK Drivers side sold **Only passenger side left** will swap / px for a boost...
  2. B

    Dan's daily driven project

    Hey guys, I've been loitering and posting on here for a short while, thought I'd throw this up. So, my last car: A Honda Civic Type R, FN2. It really was difficult putting her up for sale, she was such a good car and a really reliable car. Unfortunately for the FN2, however, I'm now insurable...
  3. M4TT

    New member from Isle of Wight

    Hi guys, Just signed up and thought i'd best say hi. Don't current own an S15 but have always been a huge fan, I think i've waiting long enough and have started to begin the hunt :) I current own a Honda S2000 which will be up for sale next week to help fund this. Will be looking for a pewter...
  4. S

    Hello From Görlitz/Germany

    Hi, my Name is Ramon and I´m from Görlitz. I´m 25 years old, love cars, snowboarding and cooking. At the Moment i drive a 2005 Honda S2000 but i want to own a S15 this year. Thats the reason why Im here. I´m very interested by this car and want to learn some about it. So thats my hello. I hope...
  5. JDM_virgin

    DC2 Recaros in an S15

    Despite still not having the car back on the road, i keep trolling the net and finding new things (and usually expensive things) and ideas to do to the Silvia, my next plan is to maybe put some DC2 Recaros in, Ive done some reading on here and SXOC and it seems that the best setup is buying...
  6. oilman

    Opie Oils PS4 Competition Winner!!

    Hi Folks, We have some great news, We have a WINNER to our end of year competition. We would like to say a massive congratulations to Alex Mcdonnell from Norwich for winning our end of year competition to win the PS4 with Killzone and NEED FOR SPEED RIVALS. We will be announcing our new...
  7. J

    S15 Owner New to the Forum

    Hi there my names Jake from Australia. I've owned an ADM S15 for the past 10 months and have transformed/restored it from the previous owners neglect. I am currently a University Student and have almost completed a Bachelor of Engineering Degree. Between Uni and working full time I rarely have...
  8. John-

    Hi Guys, need some advise

    I'm thinking about getting an S15 spec R. Have been looking at them for a few months now, and think they look amazing and seem to be a great car from what I have read on here. To top it off, i got an insurance quote, £550, Great. However, I'm coming from German cars to Japanese and I don't know...
  9. N

    Hopefully future S15 owner!

    Hi everyone, Thought I'd register here as I'm looking at S15s- hoping to get a (relatively stock) Spec-R and this seemed like the best place for information on the car. At the minute I drive a 2004 Honda Civic Type-R; great car but I just feel the need for something else (that and S15...
  10. oilman

    Opie Oils Current Offers - Ending Soon

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  11. oilman

    20% off some of our most popular products & ranges

    Hope it's a good weekend for you all, don't forget to check out our current offers which ends Midnight TONIGHT! 20% OFF ALL MOTUL CAR PRODUCTS 20% OFF ALL VALVOLINE 20% OFF GEAR OILS Plus great deals on wiper blades, K&N, Millers Oils and more... VIEW ALL CURRENT OFFERS HERE >>>> Oilman
  12. S

    Greetings from Surrey

    Hey guys Currently the proud owner of a 2008 Alfa Romeo 159 Ti, but will be getting a new job soon that doesn't require driving and i'm wanting something a bit more "me" ;) I was looking at 350z's which i quite like, but i think i want something a bit more exclusive :) always loved the look...
  13. S

    Hi guys :d

    hi guys, names chris (spanner_monkey) or just spanner new to this forum, but im a member of dc2-itr and (check this out) from kent, in the UK. Im a mechanic by trade, have always had a massive interest in cars and engines, got a newly found passion for jap cars, it all stemmed from...
  14. Fruitbooter

    Show us what it looks like right now!

    Okay I know we have the 'latest favourite piks' thread but I thought this would be interesting. What I want you to do is after reading this, when you can go and take a photo of your car...clean or dirty, in bits or complete dont change anything, just go and take a photo of its current state...
  15. S

    Hello from Northants UK

    Hello good folk from S15 land. I have signed up due to the very great possibility of me getting an S15 very soon to replace the S14a that I owned for near 6 years before it was destroyed in a fire :cry: I am a member, and the current East mids rep, over on SXOC and will hopefully badgering...
  16. naha_music

    Battery charging/ electrical current question here...

    Not having any knowledge on how electrical currents work.. got a question about battery charging. I purchased a Optima redtop battery (34R) for my s15 a few months back. After the car sitting over winter several months, the battery was dead. I have a schumacher SC-600A charger that I purchased...
  17. oilman

    Don't miss Opie Oils Current Offers!

    Opie Oils Current Offers Whilst stocks last we have huge savings on all our Gulf Competition 5w-40, 10w-40, 10w-60, 15w-50 Engine Oils while stocks last. Save £22 when you buy 5 Litres of Gulf Competition engine oil, With an RRP of £51.99, why not get it from us at £29.99 while stocks...
  18. DOM

    WTB: Aftermarket ecu

    Need one that can remove the maf. Like power fc d-jetro, aem, link etc My current haltech project is not sparking. So looking for replacement ecu.
  19. naha_music

    naha_music's engine build

    good day gents, well.. i've owned my s15 for about 1 1/2 yrs now, and haven't posted too many pics yet. i started playing around with the engine about a year ago and was planning on posting up some pics when it was finished.. but the way things are going, it's gonna be awhile before i have the...
  20. Darren_S15

    WTB: S15 Standard Diff

    Standard S15 Diff. Or if anyone knows where there is an S15 breaking that would be helpful too :nod: I want to swap it out for my current Nismo Diff, so I might be tempted to swap my current diff with someones standard diff if anyone is interested?