1. bradley886

    WTB: Front left headlight

    Looking to buy a passenger side headlight if anybody has or knows of one for sale. Only really need the dark grey painted inner but willing to buy the full light.
  2. H

    Hello from Sweden!

    Been on here for a while lurking around but never did I introduce myself. My name is Daniel, 26 and living in sweden. I had my S15 for 1.5year now and tried to rescue it from the previous owner :) Made some basic mods, like pod, 3" exhaust, coilpack, exedy clutch, nismo engine and...
  3. Tom VWJ

    FS: 'Silvia' boot lid badge OEM (Dark Chrome)

  4. M

    Instrument Cluster

    Anyone got a solution to brighten up the instrument cluster. Unless its totaly dark the standard lamps are totaly useless.
  5. S

    Aus owners check in!

    was lookin to purchase these dark tinted led lights for the s15 but i heard in AUS they defect you for the real dark ones? links below http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/170606558839?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649#ht_3979wt_957
  6. J

    speedo bulbs

    hi, at the moment ive got blue bulbs in my speedo and there so rubbish i cant see my speedo in the dark. what bulbs do i need and does anyone know how to.take the speedo out? thanks
  7. D

    FS: 6 speed gearbox

    As above, just been removed from my S15. It has around 68,000kms on the clock, running pretty much standard when I got, I only upped the boost to just under 1bar. Shifts really nice, no notchyness. Oil was still a nice dark gold colour when it came out. £500 It's up for the same with a...
  8. M

    headlight brightness

    i would like to know how bright is everyone elses headlights in the dark mine is very poor. is there any other bulbs which is brighter??
  9. Robbyp

    My new wagon

    Just picked this up from Charlie at Prodrift Uk so thought id put up a few pics Sorry there a bit dark and big! Hope its worthy!!
  10. C

    Seat Trim?

    Hi. How many seat trim styles did the s15 have? Was one just a dark charcoal grey? Thanks c.