1. JDM_virgin

    WTB: s15 dash and centre console

    Hi All, looking for upper and lower dash with centre console. not worried about condition, Im making a sim rig with it :D Will need posting unless close to the Essex area ideally under £200 please
  2. mixvariety

    WTB: Dash Vent

    As above, just after one dash vent as one of mine has broken flaps! Thanks.
  3. Johnny

    WTB: Interior dash lower trim panel + glove box

    Wanted Interior dash lower panel with glove box Lower dash under steering wheel
  4. F

    WTB: S15 in Dash navi screen

    Does anyone sell there in dash screen? I have the dash but the navi screen is missing. Just need this part
  5. A

    No dash lights, engine cranking but not turning over.

    I bought an S15 with the fuse box and battery relocated to the boot, but didn't want to keep it like that - so I found a car which is exactly the same as mine that had a nose to tail collision, and decided to get the fuse box + loom out of it, so I could put it in my car. I've put it in my car...
  6. JDM_virgin

    indicators not indicating...

    So i was out running some errands at lunch just now, came up to a roundabout and went to indicate...and nothing. no click from the relay or lights on the dash to show signalling. Tried the hazards and nothing and also turning the headlights on brings no lights up on the dash to show they're...
  7. B

    WTB: Dash vents

    Need some dash vents, anyone have some spare before I order from Japan tomorrow?
  8. Surfing Boris

    Carbon Fibre dash dipping / wrapping

    Hi guys, There are a couple of guys near me who do dipping and I would like to do the usual of dipping the centre console and door handles etc. Can the entire dashboard come out?? If so, how easy is it to get it out as I fancy dipping the entire dashboard!!!
  9. A

    WTB: Screws for the dash reinforcement plate

    I seem to have a couple missing, anyone have any spare or know what size they are?
  10. S

    WTB: Dash heater vents (2 needed)

    Good Afternoon all, I'm in need of two heater vents for the centre of my dash, mine have been broken around 2 years now but as I'm tidying up the car and have just had the dashboard flocked its about time I replace them. awaiting a quote from nissan but I bet they aren't cheap. let me know if...
  11. Parky

    WTB: Wanted - dash heater vents x3

    If you haven't got 3 then let me know what you do have, cheers.
  12. Surfing Boris

    Dash cam

    Not sure if this is the right section for this post or not but I want to get a dash cam but having never bought one I am looking for advice as to what to look for or if anyone knows a good one to buy. They seem to be a great idea for the off chance the horrible happens and you've done nothing...
  13. M

    WTB: Looking for some parts

    Just a few parts I'm after 50mm Rear d-max over fenders 7 point bolt in cage, dash or throw dash Vertex lang front bumper, a copy or a real one not fused
  14. S15AK

    Restore dash board/faded vinyl

    Hi Guys Not sure how this happened but part of my dash seems to have sun fade or something, looks like something has been split on the dash and the sun has cooked it, so I've got large faded patches all over it. Now I've tried back to black & shoe polish, which works but only for a week or so...
  15. Jaydej

    Dash light

    Hey guys how easy isit the change the bulbs behind the dash as my temp one is really faded and you can barely see it at night
  16. NICKO

    Apexi Hand commander fitting ideas

    Well ive just got hold of a D Jetro power fc with the new EL hand commander and was wondering where people put there commander? has anyone done anything different or any sort of custom dash fitment? or has everyone just simply thrown them into the glove box :D get the idea rolling guys :thumbs:
  17. R

    FS: S15 Bolt in Roll cage - BDC compliant etc

    as above, being removed from my comp car rare to see a cage come up for sale for a s15.. Its a fabricage through dash and heres a couple options for you; 1. £500 cage as is 2. £600 cage as is + my already cut down and trimmed flocked dash and you give me your stock dash (top half only)...
  18. JDM_virgin

    radio earth help asap!

    Installed my kenwood dvd player on sunday but couldnt get the picture to display when playing a dvd but had sound. started looking at it now and found the park sensor wire was not connected. after some research i found that it should be earthed in order to work. so i attached it to the other...
  19. Nissan_S15

    Advise on removing central dash!

    Hi guys, I realize Ive been posting a few threads recently lol, but there is so much im wanting to do with the S15 at the moment whilst I have the time. Anyway, this is just a quick one really. Im looking to remove the central dash, where the cigarette lighter is and so fourth, I'm aware of...
  20. A

    WTB: Wanted: S15 Navigation Dash

    Does anyone have a mint condition Navigation dash for sale? I am located in Los Angeles, California. I'm interested in hearing from anyone around the world that might have one for sale! Please PM me if you've got one. Thank you! Richard