1. D

    FS: Honda Integra Dc5 51plate SWAP s15 spec R

    Hey Looking to swap my mint example integra dc5 for an s15. Spec: Integra dc5 C pack. 51 plate. 74k miles. M.O.T 1 owner. Been in the UK since December 2015. More: Body work is mint, no rust, rot or stone chips. Arches are mint. Underneath needs underseal ready for the winter but still...
  2. M

    mbb's Nissan Silvia

    Hey guys, long time lurker and finally decided to make an account Here it sits to this day Rewinding back a few years - this was my first 'real' ride which sparked this money pit we call 'modifying' It was a 1995 Honda Integra SiR-G - b18c standard motor with a S80 ****ty LSD long...
  3. 8

    Yellow 15 in spa (Belgium)

    Just looked out my hotel window to see a line of English cars and a 15 and DC5 in the mix...... Anyone on here?
  4. Sims77

    Importing a fresh one

    Hello Im Mark and im from Staffordshire, thought i'd better join an owners forum as Ive just (today) confirmed a lovely S15 Spec-R in Japan from JM-Imports and i know little about them :D A bit of history I started my proper Jap car life with a DC5 which i owned and loved for 4 years. It was...
  5. M

    FS: Blue Integra DC5 Recaro seats

    I bought these for my S15 project but I'm wanting some Recaro pole positions instead. Very deep supportive comfy recliners and quite rare in this colour too. They'll bolt straigt up to bride/driftworks etc seat frames. The drivers bolster is a little saggy but replacement foams can be purchased...
  6. JaseYpk

    Goon in his DC5 (funny video)

    Nice DC5, shame about the loony driving it haha. http://vimeo.com/25640454
  7. Y

    Hi from Milton Keynes, UK

    Hey all, I've been oooming and ahhing for ages now to decide what RWD car to get that has to have either a turbo, or a V6 engine... that leaves my choices with S15 Spec R Skyline R34 GTT Or (personal fave) Nissan 350Z GT This is coming from a race prepped Honda Integra DC5 Type R owner so...
  8. Curryzz

    What shall I do? S15 or mates SC DC5

    I need some help making a decision, I have a friend with a Super charged DC5, it's a 03 plate, looks very nice and goes very well, He has spent around 7k on the charger and a clutch etc, he wants to do a straight swap, I'm quite tempted as I work for Honda and sell Spoon Sports parts as a job...
  9. R

    Newbie drom Ireland

    How ya gettin on, my name is Ryan and I'm currently contemplating an S15 its between that an S2000 or DC5. My budget isnt great so would be lookin for a recession busting bargain:nod:
  10. S

    Top of the morning

    Well knida anyway. Thought I'd say hi as i've been lurking unregistered on this site for a while now. Currently looking into buying a new car in about 6 months time and i've been through quite a few changes of mind as to what i'd like. Being 21 with 2ncb in october and spending all my money on...