1. J

    Grey S15 Crosspool, Sheffield

    Saw a nice 15 up at Crosspool shops this evening, reg was ***JOE. Never seen it before but looks very decent.
  2. A

    Battery light came on.

    the battery light came on while I was driving, I take it this probably means the alternator!? Anyone know a decent place that sells them?
  3. F

    What downpipe for standard s15 elbow?

    Looking for a downpipe that will fit my s15, looks to be on standard elbow, will the one for the s14 or the s14a be the same?also any decent downpipes with flexys about that you would recommend? Thanks
  4. S

    Forum newbie with newbie questions :)

    Hi all, I have recently started looking for a new car and have become hooked on finally buying an S15. I will be 25 soon and was looking at options in the 300-400bhp range such as the 370z, M235i, Golf R, E46 M3. Since I was a kid I have loved old JDM cars and the Silvia was always my favourite...
  5. Surfing Boris

    Cornish Body Shops

    Hi Guys, I am trying to find a good company in the South West that will de-lock, remove all badges, and remove the original spoiler from an S15 boot. I want to get a couple of quotes from decent garages. Does anybody know of anywhere in the SW that can do a good job and comes reccommended please?
  6. sibbers

    WTB: dash center console

    Hey chaps, Looking for a center console section - the part that surrounds the stereo and the gear stick. Needs to be original and decent condition to replace my strange purple one. :wack: Thanks!
  7. jake

    WTB: Sound system

    Hey I'm after a decent head unit / stereo Amp Sub And speakers Mostly after the head unit tbh but if any one has one can they let me knows Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. N

    How much is my Nismo suspension worth?

    As title Nismo S-Tune suspension Currently on my S15. No idea how many miles the suspension has covered but it looks in decent condition Looking to sell them to fund my coilovers
  9. J

    New clutch kit!

    Hi guys, my clutch has started a slip a tad, so when I get some more moneys, i shall be purchasing. Anyone recommend a decent Clutch? It's in a Autech 6-speed, so I'd presume i'd want a spec R clutch... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. O

    Brake pads and disc's buying advice

    Hi Guys I need to change my brake pads and discs, just wondered where's a good place to get some decent ones from. I've got standard Spec R brake setup I only use mine as a daily so don't need a race spec. I saw the FAQ about brakes but the pads seems race orientated and no one mentions what...
  11. A

    Where to find Spec R driveshafts?

    Anyone know where to get reconditioned driveshafts or a place that can supply decent ones or the Nissan part number? Thanks.
  12. R

    WTB: Wanted - An S15 Spec R

    Okay, this is a long shot. Ive been doing my research and Im pretty sure I now have a buyer for my beautiful S2000. We have a baby on the way so we needed something with 4 seats, we got a megane. However, would be nice to be able to go out in daddys toy as a family as well. I really fancy an...
  13. Parky

    WTB: Wanted: Decent boss kit to fit Nardi wheel.

    As per title, I'm after a decent boss kit to fit S15 and Nardi wheel. Something like an NRG or HKB with the airbag cancellation resistor and all that good stuff. Let me know! :thumbs:
  14. S

    New owner from Durham

    Hi, just thought I should introduce myself. Just picked up my first s15 this afternoon (the yellow spec r in the sale section) been meaning to get on for a while but always end up buying something else. Just sold my Evo X and I saw this one for a decent price so thought sod it. Looking forward...
  15. Jaydej

    WTB: Turbo elbow

    As the title says, does anyone have a spare or a decent one for sale Maybe a decat aswell
  16. Fruitbooter

    R.I.P DeanS15's old car

    Firstly apologies to the current owner if your on here but I can't remember who bought it! Just seen that JDM Garage are breaking Deans old car! For the newer people who don't know, this was an amazing car, countless hours and money went into it producing one if the cleanest, best examples in...
  17. fez06

    WTB: x1 225/40r18 tyre

    As above not too fuse on the make so long as it has decent tread and no dodgey repairs, eggs in side walls etc
  18. F

    WTB: broken 6 speed gearbox

    Howdy gents. I'm after a broken 6 speed box to see if/how I can mate it up the original block in my 240Z:nod: If I can do it i'll then find a decent one!
  19. L

    WTB: OEM Black Xenon Headlights & Nismo Duckbill Boot Spoiler

    Hi all, Looking for these. need to be in great condition and decent money Thanks Liam
  20. Fruitbooter

    Apex Gen 2 comfys

    Looking for comments from people who actually run them and not just speculation.. Are they decent? Im trying to decide between these and paying the £200 odd extra for HSD Monopros. I'm thinking because my car is still up for sale I dont want to plough too much money into it but the suspension...