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WTB: Wanted - An S15 Spec R



Okay, this is a long shot. Ive been doing my research and Im pretty sure I now have a buyer for my beautiful S2000. We have a baby on the way so we needed something with 4 seats, we got a megane. However, would be nice to be able to go out in daddys toy as a family as well.

I really fancy an S15 Spec R. Heres the snag, I will only have about £7000-£7600 to spend on one. Im not too fussed about spoilers or big engine spec, just quite clean and a half decent set of wheels would do me and max 80k miles ? Ideally undersealed or has been done from the moment it came in.

I've spoken to Torque-GT ( active on here ) and they may be able to get me one for that. Ive searched through the for sale and they seem to be going £8000+

So if anyone has one, that they are selling. Ideally a white or grey one. Let me know please.