1. Nissan_S15

    Looking for Black Deep Dish Alloys!

    Hey guys, Interested in getting some black deep dish alloys for my S15 to make the ride look a bit more agressive. I have had a fair look around and have found the odd set that takes my fancy, but nothing amazing. So just wondered whether you guys knew of any decent sets I could purchase...
  2. R

    WTB: Passenger Side Seat rail/Steering wheel

    Rail to fit bottom mount recliner steering wheel like nardi deep corn or similar but not rape money please 07817028470
  3. JaseYpk

    S15 SUBMARINE!!! (Another bad idea from Jase..)

    Ok, so i had to use the word 'submarine' otherwise you wouldnt have read this. This is kind of like my blog of all the (stupid) things that happen with my car.. hahaha And this is the latest and so far, greatest (potential Cat A write off).. So, to set the scene, there had been adverse weather...
  4. Max

    DIY Vinyl

    I was thinking of swapping my spoiler with a BGW but dont have the money to spare and am apprehensive about the permanent change. SO Im going to B+Q on saturday to get a £6 chunk of Black Vinyl and will try getting it wrapped around my spoiler :s (never tried this before so im really jumping...
  5. B

    [search] pictures of s15 with nardi deep dish

    hi...did anyone have pictures where i can see a nardi deep dish inside of a s15? i would need to know too, what hub i have to use.
  6. zml

    brand new nardi deep dish steering wheel and used genuine momo steering wheel

    hi i have a brand new nardi deep dish steering wheel for sale. Black Suede Rim with Suede RED STITCH 330mm wide and 70 mm deep. looking for 70 posted. it is brand new with box. i only have this picture from internet at the moment, but it is excatly same as this one. very good quality and...
  7. S

    Front Plate

    Morning gents, just trying to sort out a nicer fitting front plate and im having trouble! the width is 13", but the only plates i can find that have that width is about 6 inches deep. i want ones that about 3 inches deep as that should be more than enough to get the GB logo on and the...
  8. T

    FS: Garson Ryugi 18" | 10.5j et+28 | Deep dish, Black faces

    I have for sale a pair of very rare, fantastic condition Garson Deep Ryugi wheels. These deep dish wheels would look fantastic at the rear of an S15. :smitten::smitten: (Garsons are on the right) Specs Garson Deep Ryugi 2 x 18" 10.5j et+28 Includes Garson Deep center caps. Falken 452...