1. UncleDan

    No power to diagnostic port

    Does anyone know what fuses to check or have wiring diagram just for the port?
  2. jake

    Need help asap

    Hey I need a bit of help adapt getting my s15 dash loom to fit my rb25 det loom mostly the f4 pin This one can any body help kinda need to know it or have a diagram of it by tomorrow thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. O

    trouble with my roof!

    Hi there, I have a Nissan varietta with a non working roof! I'm really struggling to find a wiring diagram for this in English.. Can anyone help me...thanks in advance :)
  4. S

    Where is the engine ground?

    I'm suffering from possible grounding issues to the ECU and from the S15 service manual it grounds to the engine ground F37. Where actually is that though as the diagram isn't that clear and I can't see anything obvious on the engine!!
  5. SlidewayzS15

    S15 wiper Electrical Diagram

    Hi guys, I was looking for a wiper diagram but had no luck on finding one. Anyone that can point me in the right direction? My wipers on my Spec S were working fine before I converted it to S14 Sr so I'm trying to see what differences they have because as of now they don't work at the moment...
  6. N

    ECU Diagram

    Help i need the ecu diagram from the silvia s15 spec s Sent from my GT-I9500 using Tapatalk
  7. SlidewayzS15

    Anyone have a F4 Full pinout diagram?

    Anyone know where I could find a full pin out diagram, I found one but it wasn't the full one. I looked on FSM and it doesn't let me see it.
  8. mattyjp

    nismo front diff bushes/mounts

    cant seem to find the answer anywhere as to how these nismo front diff bushes are fitted i would appreciate any advice from anyone with experience in fitting theses. The nismo diagram shows that the top hat style bush is to be pushed into the front diff mounts from underneath with the metal...
  9. S

    window relay and fuses

    Any idea as to which ones they are? took my door cards off and have no power to either motor, checked all the fuses that are fitted and there ok, just wondered if anyone had a diagram of what does what etc? cheers
  10. S

    spec r wiring diagrams?

    hi guys, wondering if anyone can help me, I've had a quick search and haven't managed to find anything other then the ecu pin outs diagram, I'm after a complete engine loom diagram and a gearbox loom diagram, this is to help my brother doing the wiring conversion for the rb25 engine, any help...
  11. Mark_D

    S15 wiring diagram

    Hi people, Just wondered whether anyone would be able to lead me in the right direction to where I might find a wiring diagram for the S15. Cheers! Mark :thumbs:
  12. D

    Would anyone on here like a guide for fitting RLTC?

    I've had this installed in my old S14 and got it fitted to the S15 today. The manual didn't seem to have the correct plug diagram and shows the ABS brain as being in the boot instead of beside the ECU. Got there in the end. If it's something the club is interested in I'll sort a guide out :)
  13. DeanS15

    part no. needed (someone with the fast parts program)

    can anyone help? i need the part number for the small sensor type thing on the bottom of the power steering pipe on the passengers inner wing - if someone has a fast diagram i will be able to identify it and maybe order the part. its weeping pas fluid from the plug. thanks in advance :).
  14. tooley

    Factory Nissan silvia HID headlight wiring diagram

    Guys, ive got a full electronic s15 workshop manual on my computer i will upload it so its availible later. It dosent have anything about my HID spec lights so i assume its a 1999-2001 not 2002 manual. Does anyone know where i could get hold of the HID headlamp wiring diagram?
  15. S

    Lights not working

    Hey guys, i currently have no lights in my dash, rear tail lights or my parkers when my car is turned on. I think i have blown a fuse but i am not 100% sure. I was just looking at the pin out diagram of the fuse box but i still aint 100% on which fuse to replace. Can someone please help me out...
  16. japmadlad

    looking for an exploded diagram of s15 6 spd

    i'm looking for an exploded diagram of the box. for some reason the one in the useful threads section won't open up large. Its tiny & useless. The link to make it larger just brings you to nissansilvia.com but not to a larger diagram. Can anyone help me out?
  17. D

    S15 Exploded Diagram?

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know where I can get a S15 SR20DET exploded diagram? Ta Dan
  18. B

    wiring diagram of the engine sub loom

    hi there, can´t find the engine sub loom in the user manual. anyone have a wiring diagram for connectors e26 and e27 from the relay boxes or e201 and e202 from the engine sub loom?
  19. richy200

    S15 spec s auto wiring diagram

    does anyone have or know where i can get both the wiring diagram for an s15 spec s auto and a s14 silvia. The engine conversion has been done on my car and i just want my mate to check it for me as i don't think everything is working as it should. thanks guys
  20. S

    FS: *NEW* Uras Third Dimension wing

    *THIS ITEM IS NOW SOLD!!* The Uras Third Dimension wing features a carbon look finish and has been featured on a number of URAS S13, S14 and S15 Silvias. Medium Type: Width 1550mm - Height 210mm (SEE DIAGRAM BELOW) This wing is brand new and still in it's box. £200 ono