1. R-Spec

    Anti roll bar thickness of different makes

    Hello, sorry didn't search very well as I'm sure its been covered but: 1. What are the standard front and rear anti roll bar (aka thickness's / size) diameter in mm please? 2. What are whiteline 3. and any other makes? 4. Are S15 the same as S14?
  2. Q

    S15 Spec R steering wheel diameter

    Does anyone know the diameter of the original Spec R steering wheel? Thanks in advance for any info!
  3. Benne

    diameter of S15 helical diff side flanges?

    Does someone know the diameter of our spec r side franges? Is it identical with S14 side franges or are they thicker? Mabye some can meassure? There are 3 diameters: http://benegizer.de/Silvia/Motor_Antrieb/Tomei/shafts.jpg the red mark, the blue mark and the slotted area between them. need...
  4. T

    Hose diameters

    Well... I'm semi skint at the mo but slowly tidying up a few loose ends on the silvia. I've got it to a good state now and replaced a couple of old/worn parts here and there and now I just need to aesthetically tidy things up (well.... actually I would like to recirc my SSQV so if I have to buy...
  5. T

    Recirc hose diameter...

    What is the standard hose diameter for the recirc? I need to buy an adapter for my HKS SSQV and I've been told to look at the HKS 19mm and 29mm adapters but dont know which of the two I need to mate with my standard intake or is it another diameter not mentioned? If it makes a difference, I'm...