1. H

    Spec R and Spec S differences

    unlikely as it is are they any differences between Spec R and S front wings in terms of width? I've got 9.5" et10 on the front of mine and they are a little wide but I've seen a few in the flesh recently with steel wings running 10's with what appears less poke than mine
  2. SlidewayzS15

    S15 wiper Electrical Diagram

    Hi guys, I was looking for a wiper diagram but had no luck on finding one. Anyone that can point me in the right direction? My wipers on my Spec S were working fine before I converted it to S14 Sr so I'm trying to see what differences they have because as of now they don't work at the moment...
  3. V

    ECU identification

    ECU identification *Updated with photo* Hi guys, I need to see if my car has got a standard or aftermarket ECU. Is there an easy way to tell by looking at it in the cage? E.g colour differences, codes, markings? I've undone the screw and taken the connector off but was none the wiser at that...
  4. T

    ADM JDM Differences

    Hi :wave: I was reading in another thread recently that the ADM S15 actually only ran 200bhp rather than the 250bhp on the JDM model. Is anyone able to tell me all the mechanical differences between the two models? Does the ADM s15 have the same sr20det that was in teh s14 or is it exactly...
  5. DeanS15

    what are the differences between s14a and s15 subframes?

    i've heard there are differences, but in any of the pics i've seen i cant spot them.....has anyone had them side by side and noticed anything obvious apart from the extra bar between the rear mounts? any info appreciated :)
  6. U

    Apexi N1 Exhaust - any experts? (see pics)

    I'm looking at buying one of these setups second hand, just wondering if someone can help me confirm whether it's genuine, and whether it's for the S14 or S15. The one I'm looking at buying: An example of one that I think is for the S15: There are some small differences in piping and...
  7. moomin

    Auto V Manual??

    Hey, as some of you peeps know, im on the hunt for a new S15.... Just found a nice looking one down where i live for a very good price, only thing is, its a auto, as far as im aware there are no differences in performance etc etc between a auto & manual?? is that correct?? If so i may have to go...
  8. TriniGT

    Differences between Spec R Turbo and Spec S Fuse Boxes???

    Does anyone know of any differences between the Spec R Manual and Spec S auto Fuse box and wiring? I have both setups but the Spec R setup has seen better days so wondering if to just use the Spec S auto setup. Can anyone confirm before I manually go an check?
  9. W

    Inidicator cancellation

    Hi, My s14a is pants cancelling the indicators at roundabouts. An S15 I drove was perfect. Can you tell me if your S15 is good at auto cancelling? Anyone know why, are there differences between 14a and 15?
  10. V

    Propshaft info

    Hi guy's, Does anyone know if the S15 propshaft is the same length as the S14 (Manual)? Or if there is any other differences? Cheers Max
  11. D

    S15 Prices and Spec

    Hi there, Quick question if I may. Can someone tell me what the differences are between S15 specs and the prices associated with each? Many thanks. Dave.