1. J

    Scraping Noise from front passenger side

    When out driving yesterday I noticed I could hear a scraping sound coming from my front passenger side wheel, this noise disappears under braking but starts again as I come off the brake. I really do apologise if this is a silly question but would that suggest that the rota needs replacing? The...
  2. M

    s15 brake disc technical drawings

    i am a 4th year mechanical engineering student and for my final project i would like to do a brake disc analysis on an s15 but i cannot find any technical drawings of the brakes. if anybody here has any drawings of the brake discs with all dimensions it would be very helpful. thanks very much
  3. T

    Another new owner from Canada

    Hey guys, just thought I would introduce myself! I recently picked up this S15, I'm the first owner to have it in Canada, I bought it bone stock I have since installed a Power by max High mount intercooler, tein HE coils, wedsport wheels, Haltech platinum pro ECU (being installed and tuned this...
  4. Fruitbooter

    Whats up with these discs?

    Trying to fit my bremobs and I just cant get them to fit properly.. I originally thought it was the adaptor as you need to grind the caliper back for it to fit square.. Done that - Not my pik but dont this - Fitted better - But for some reason when you tighten the wheel onto the...
  5. JaseYpk

    Brake Discs - Servicing Info?

    Bonjour! I've never had to change my brake discs, and i think the time is due. I've been told they need changing when a lip starts to appear on the edge. this is now happening. I've got R33 (non brembo) brakes at the moment, and just after any old disc that works. doesnt have to be anything...
  6. L

    FS: My super awesome JDM CD & MD double din

    Good afternoon! I have listed my double din player on ebay. Included in the sale: 1 x kenwood dpx-9000mj headunit with wiring 1 x Initial D official soundtrack mini disc which is properly badass! 2 x Japanese Female pop mini discs. Listing...
  7. Darren_S15

    Front Hub Socket Size

    Can anyone tell me for sure what size nut the front hub has? I need to get one of the correct size and the only way for me to know for sure is to take the caliper and disc off, which I do not want to do before I do the job ideally. Any help would be great. Thanks :)
  8. JEZ 8553

    K-Sport Calipers

    Seen this Group buy has just been launched on the SXOC... http://www.sxoc.co.uk/vbb/showthread.php?p=3656544#post3656544 Interested myself considering the price! Im sure some people will say that 8-pots arent worth the price but considering these are brand new calipers, bells and rotors i...
  9. P

    cut that out!!!!

    Now that the 18's are on the brakes look very small. so i might up grade the brake have been toying with r33/r34 gtsT front brakes or maybe if i am willing to save the extra cash a set of K-sport 6 pot big disc kit but will fitting either mean i lose the abs?:eek: has anybody fitted the k sports?
  10. D

    Big Brake kit

    My birthday is coming up and parents said they'd give me few pound rather than buying something i wouldn't want so i'm thinking of a brake conversion. I know the M3 one is on the go. Money is very good. Discs are bit plain tho.. Apex have two others 310 or 314mm c/w ferrado disc and rear disc...
  11. kimi

    private plates

    hi guys as some of you know i've joined the s15 plate club :D just a quick question, i've had all my papers back,tax disc etc and put my new plates on. Only where do i send my tax disc back to ? they told me to send it back to them in the envelope provided..but there was no envelope...
  12. J

    just installed a new set of front brake pads..

    went to bed them in.. came back and.. it seems like something on the brake pad or something else is scratching the disc and making an indent all around the disc. what would i need to do in this situation? take off the pads to see what could be causing it?machine discs? Thanks!