1. H

    Double din plastic piece

    Hey all, Just wondering where I can get the small plastic piece that covers the gap between the double din head unit and the climate control? Cant seem to find it anywhere.
  2. A

    ISO Harness for double din head unit

    Hy guys can any one shed some light in this. i have a new double din I am looking to fit but I can't find the ISO harness I need. Anyone know which one I need? Or where get one from? thanks
  3. F

    How much is 6 months tax?

    How much is 6 months tax need to know to send a check to Dvla when I register car, think it's 129.25 but want to double check, it's a 1999 model
  4. Lil SpecR

    Show me your dash/audio setups!! =)

    Hi all Before I go getting some double din unit for my S15 I wanted to see what other people had set up in their S15s? So please show me your centre dash, whether its single or double din, some computer wizardy system or filled with engine management gadgets! I just want to get some inspiration...
  5. B

    FS: Bride seat rails

    Selling 2 bride seat rails, they look like they are both drivers side and one looks like a low seat rail, first one one is like new the second one is a bit tatty but still works fine, never fitted them but they have the codes on them so might be worth double checking they will fit looking...
  6. D

    FS: Genuine Nissan touch screen sat nav Bluetooth double din head unit

    For sale genuine Nissan touch screen sat nav cd mp3 Bluetooth double din head unit with code and upto date sd card direct fit to any double din Nissan inc s15 they look factory standard when fitted these are selling for 350-400 on eBay grab a bargain £200 inc postage 07891960493 thanks
  7. R

    Double Din Fascia

    Hi Guys, Got a bit of an issue with my new double din. Basically my new double din has been fitted to the car today. Problem is, My dash trim will not fit around my headunit with the fascia on (I could with the last double din, not as deep) Is there anyway to get a fascia that will fit the...
  8. pegliobaglio

    Ebc fitting

    Just a quick question , when I fit my ebc I'm thinking about removing the standard solenoid completely, just wondered if this will cause any issues? I don't see it would but just wanted to double check first really. Thanks in advance :D
  9. L

    FS: My super awesome JDM CD & MD double din

    Good afternoon! I have listed my double din player on ebay. Included in the sale: 1 x kenwood dpx-9000mj headunit with wiring 1 x Initial D official soundtrack mini disc which is properly badass! 2 x Japanese Female pop mini discs. Listing...
  10. S

    FS: Rare aluminium shift plate

    Hi all I have a rare genuine Nissan brushed aluminium shift plate for sale. Never seen one of these before, and don't think these are made anymore. Item is brand new in box. Excellent quality. It is held in place with double sided tape as seen in the pictures. Looking for £50 delivered to...
  11. NICKO

    Single din mounting??

    Just wanted to know what cages everyone uses for single din mounting? at the moment ive got a double din cage thats just slotted in the gap with my head unit at the top and a tray at the bottom and well it just sits in there all crappy :nod: So was just wondering what you guys use for single...
  12. Suspect


    :wave: Darren_S15 Rare sight, so I reckon it's worth a post. Had to double take to make sure!
  13. pegliobaglio

    single din

    Hey guys,just a quick one,looked everywhere but can't seem to find a fascia plate adaptor to change from double din to single din,anyone know where I can get one?? Cheers guys
  14. S

    Which double din units fit?

    Hey guys, Measured the gap for a new double din unit as mine still has a really ropey single din minidisc player, but it seems a bit small for most of the units out there......anyone else had this problem / found a stereo that will fit??? Thanks
  15. Nicely

    Kenwood DPX-660MD Double DIN CD, Tuner, MiniDisc

    As fitted on my S15...
  16. T

    What is my stereo setup?

    I'm going to be really vague here so apologies but at the mo I have a single DIN kenwood unit that has been fit over in the UK from what I know. When I bought the car I was given the "original" which was a kenwood double DIN unit with a mini disc slot but I have a couple of questions... The...
  17. D

    Singel DIN?

    Hallo! As most of ypu already know. I have bought a S15. The problem is that it?s a double DIN in it.And it does?t take MP3. So I have two options. 1. I buy another Double that takes MP3. 2. I install my Singel Din. The problem with the second alternative is that there is going to be a hole...
  18. B

    FS: FS: Double Din Car AV System

    I'm selling my used and in excellent condition Double DIN Car AV System. Features: Double DIN DVD Player with 6.5" TFT Screen Compatible DVD/VCD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/MP4/DivX With USB Slot and card reader Built-in TV Tuner Built-in AM/FM Stereo Receiver Multi Channel Auto EQ Setting DVD/VCD/CD...
  19. Topper

    FS: Touch screen Double Din DVD/TV/CD etc

    I have for sale the following - Innovatec: Double din, touch screen head unit, radio/dvd/cd/mp3/analogue tv tuner (additional aerial required to work), it has aux input, reverse camera input, cd/dvd changer input, digital optical input, rca input for video and audio, pictured below with incar...
  20. J

    S15 "Double Dragon" feature

    Stumbled across this via Google: :thumbs: