1. T

    FS: Spec R OEM turbo elbow + downpipe

    FREE Spec R OEM turbo elbow + downpipe I have a used condition OEM turbo elbow and downpipe from my Spec R. Free to a S15oc member. Collection from Hertfordshire.
  2. S

    decat fitment?

    Hi all, started shopping for a decat this evening and got a couple of questions. what is the difference between s14 and s14a/s15 dimensions? most of the decats i see are for s14 and claim will only fit an s14a/s15 if coupled with a 14a/15 downpipe and elbow? seems odd to me i only want to...
  3. AshOBNXZ

    Turbo Elbow Bolt/Stud Question

    Hi guys, Before I start I will say that I have searched (probably not very well) and just keep getting confused I picked up a Part Shop MAX Cobra Downpipe for the S15 yesterday, the one that's a turbo elbow connected to a downpipe with a flexi section so it's all one piece So I've been reading...
  4. F

    What downpipe for standard s15 elbow?

    Looking for a downpipe that will fit my s15, looks to be on standard elbow, will the one for the s14 or the s14a be the same?also any decent downpipes with flexys about that you would recommend? Thanks
  5. B

    Turbo elbow and downpipe assistance

    Can anyone help, I've done the det swap into my spec s s15 and have been using a s14 aftermarket elbow and downpipe which didn't fit great I've since found out I should be using a s14a downpipe, do I also need to get a 14a elbow as well Thanks for the help I'm all confused [emoji55] Sent...
  6. gaz15

    Advice needed s14/s15 downpipe

    Can anyone tell me if a blitz s14 downpipe is a direct fit for the s15 with the OEM elbow, 315mm s15 decat and an s15 cat back exhaust, or will I need a s15 downpipe?
  7. Badger0068

    S14 downpipe/cat/elbow fit S15?

    Hi guys, New to s15s and the forum so sorry if this question has been asked a million times before. I've done a search and can't find a definitive answer to my question. I have recently bought an S15 Spec S and am about to start dropping my Redtop SR20DET out of my S13 into it. On the S13 I...
  8. FreakensNL

    Exhaust info needed. confused by all the rumors

    What type of exhaust do i have/need? So i wanted to upgrade my exhaust, googled and search the forums a lot but still no joy... my back exhaust is original S15 material (99% sure) My cat is same length as my old s13 decat?? My downpipe and elbow are...... (i think s14) The cat supposed to be...
  9. G

    FS: complete genuine HKS T04Z SR turbo kit 0.63 exhaust housing as new perfect condition

    well haven't been on here for a while going to start parting out my s15 perfect condition genuine hks t04z complete turbo kit very rare very special piece of kit the kit has only been used for a few hours maximum downpipe has not even been through a full heat cycle yet hks t04z bb turbo.63...
  10. dave_t

    WTB: Downpipe Bracket (That fits to the Gearbox Mount - pics inside)

    Right, i want to fit my Blitz donwpipe and my S15 seem to have come from Japan missing the bracket that fits on the gearbox mount, which will join the the blitz bracket. here is a picture to show what i need. (thanks to craig) Im pretty sure all S15's will have this mount, but only needed if...
  11. Jay-pan

    Decat sizes

    Hi guys, was looking at getting an exhaust system this month but getting the vertex kit sprayed instead. So was just going to buy a decat to fit on my standard system. My question is if im running a Nismo 2.6" exhaust system from factory will a 3" decat match up to the exhaust and downpipe...
  12. J

    WTB: JAPSPEED S14 Twin DownPipe

    Like this: They don't have in stock for 6-8 weeks, if anyone has one or knows someone who does would be appreciated, or I will try to get it custom made. Cheers Guys
  13. S

    Exhaust fitting question.

    Well I'm looking at changing the exhaust system on my car. I have an idea of what I'd like and need but have I missed anything? Is there anything thats worth changing while I'm at it. List of planned bits Exhaust - HKS Silent Hi-Power Downpipe - Blitz downpipe Turbo elbow - Tomei turbo elbow...
  14. dave_t

    Blitz Downpipe/Frontpipe

    Before remaping at the end of the month i want to upgrade my turbo elbow and downpipe. a tomei elbow from frsport is coming in at a reasonable price, but a downpipe being much larger is ridiculous when it comes to postage. However I have found a blitz downpipe on ebay in the uk ...
  15. Z

    WTB: downpipe with elbow

    I'm looking for a elbow and downpipe (3", stainless steel) for the S15. Something like this:
  16. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    Blacked out S15

    Hey all, decided i'll start my own thread for my s15. This is my blacked out s15 here's a few pics for you to get an idea of what it looks like and i'll post pics and information as I go. Feel free to ask questions and opinions it's nice to see what people think. -Tuned to 140kw/200hp on 6 psi...
  17. AllanOrr


    Tryed to have a search about but couldnt really find a propper answer. S14a Turbo Elbow & Downpipes are the same as S15's or is it S14 ones that are the same? I remember someone had an issue with the downpipe they fitted being too short but cant remember what model it came off of :wack...
  18. richy200

    FS: Apex sr20 stainless elbow and GP sports 3" downpipe and decat in one

    I need cash quite desperatly so reduced the price of these Hi guys i'm selling an apex stainless elbow that was bought a few months ago and a gp sports downpipe and decat in one. The downpipe was on my s14 when it came over from Japan (no brand markings on the downpipe) The elbow is ready to...
  19. adz87kc

    FS: Fujitsubo downpipe

    Hi guys :) For sale I have a Fujitsubo downpipe from my S15. its 3" stainless steel and fitment of this piece was spot on! There is a light scrape on the bottom of it but its purely cosmetic and won't affect performance/longevity at all. Please note that the OEM catalyst is NOT included in...
  20. J

    gasket damaged turbo?

    Been working on the car today on my driveway in the rain, snow and cold :wack: got the japspeed downpipe and decat on (the bracket on the downpipe is laughable!!). Anyway onto my dilema... i got the mani, turbo and elbow out and found the gasket looking like this... The fan wouldnt spin by...