1. H

    WTB: SR20 Rubber oil return pipe

    wanted as above the small 3" or so rubber pipe between Turbo oil drain and sump needed asap
  2. Jordan

    FS: Magnetic drain bolt Project Mu. Gives +1000HP!

    This genuine Project Mu magnetic drain bolt is awesome and gives you an extra 1000BHP when fitted! Yours for only £15 Delivered. Size = M12 x P1.25 *DISCLAIMER Does not give you any BHP gains whatsoever, but cats do enjoy looking at Project Mu bling when sat underneath your car and are...
  3. JDM_virgin

    Oil Catch Tank Drain Plug

    This weekend I am going to plumb in my oil catch tank however I want to make it open loop. Does anyone know if there is an oil return lug in the block or sump of the sr20's for the OCC to drain into and if so where is it located? I dont like the idea of running a closed loop setup as I dont...
  4. A

    LSD Differential oil change if anyone wants to give it a go.

    He everyone I recently had a go at changing my gear box and differential oils as ive hit about 50,000k and its about time it was done. i followed the gear box forum started by Lupix_s15 for the gearbox which was helpful but found there was nothing for the diff. The diff oil can be changed by...
  5. Aurora61

    weird engine oil drain plug

    I was attempting to change the oil in my s15 today, but reached a dilemma when trying to remove the oil drain plug. I dont know whether the drain plug is OEM or not, but theres a plastic cap over the actual bolt. The cap to be spun, but spinning it doesnt seem to loosen it at all. A typical...
  6. NICKO

    scuttle drain???

    Ive taken the scuttle pannel off and ive chucked some water down the drain and well it doesnt come out anywhere for a good while then it comes out of 2 very small holes in the wheel arch directly above the wheel with the arch plastics removed?? surely these arent the drain holes? does anyone...
  7. LuPix_S15

    Gearbox Oil Change Guide

    Ok - did my box oil change for first time since I had Silvia so thought I'd take a pic to show where everything is as there's been confusion recently about where the drain and fill plugs are lol... So as you can see the fill and drain are both on the passenger N/S of the gearbox. Can't...
  8. naha_music

    Turbo oil drain tube on block

    I've changed to a top mount turbo set up, and replacing all the oil feed/drain lines with braided hoses and AN fittings. I also want to replace the oil drain tube on the block that connects to the turbo drain line with a 10AN fitting. The weather hasn't been very cooperative the past couple...
  9. R

    S15 Gearbox plug

    What size socket is needed to undo the drain and fill plugs?
  10. G

    Radiator Drain Plug

    Hi all, While I was doing my oil change yesterday, I removed the plastic under tray to do a coolant change as well. To my horror, the radiator drain plug which is made of plastic has been smoothened. :furious: It was supposed to be for a 4 point screw driver but now its a big hole - no way...
  11. I

    Coolant change - air relief valve and engine block drain?

    Do any of you guys know where the coolant air relief valve and engine block drain reside on the S15? I've found the the radiator drain plug, no probs there. I have the S15 manual as the car is NZ New, but the picture they show of the air relief location may as well be a picture of Italy as...