1. lewis

    My Dream S15

    So as most stories start, and don't worry it won't be long till photos rather than less interesting chatter, I was browsing the internet... and whilst a much younger version of me was looking for pictures of Paul Walkers GTR and Supra from F&F etc to print off and stick on my wall, when I saw a...
  2. R

    Hello newbe project 15 :)

    Hi and hello there names Ricky and I'm 24 imported my s15 not so long ago and happy to have found a forum/owners club as not many people with say car about local to me. Always wanted an s15 when I was younger and now at 24 have one of my dream cars, very big car enthusiast from a young age...
  3. Max Skutch

    The Evolution of Spirit (Mark calff's S15)

    I thought it was time to share this with you all. Mark was a very dear friend to us. In February 2015 sadly mark lost his battle with cancer but not before seeing the completion of his dream car "spirit". ][/URL][/IMG] He got the car home and was over the moon about it! However very quickly the...
  4. C

    Hi All!

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. Looking to jump on the S15 bandwagon in the not too distant future after spending a good year or two watching the forums and wishing I had the funds for one. Seems like the prices are going silly at the moment so I guess now is as good a time as...
  5. Fruitbooter

    What does the future have in store for your S15?

    Was thinking earlier I wonder how many people on here feel the same as me and what does everyone have in store for theirs.. I for one don’t want to ever sell my S15, the only reason Id' sell really is if I were desperately broke and it was a forced sale, or I decided to go for my dream car the...
  6. S

    From Deep Southern Texas!

    Yo Y'all the name Abe it's good 2 see a site just for s15. Well at the moment I'm work on getting that s15 dream car of mine already had my shares of s13 & s14 but that s15 is the one to have.:nod:
  7. Re-VolveR


    Re-VolveR's/SpecS/2001/5MT Hi everybody! My name is Anton....i'm from Russia...Kazan city=) Silvia - my 1st car in my life=)....this is my dream last 3 years. so...my dream now complete!!!:smitten:
  8. S

    Nicely is a girl?

    I tell you that I feel like swearing so much ( bad or good?)... so just listen.. A couple of nights ago, I had a dream... yes. A dream. I emphasise. DREAM. I just remembered... Some of us had a meeting in UK. (Hilarious how I got there with my car) but then freaking funny thing popped out...
  9. X

    Hi I'm New Too!

    Hi I'm Daniel, and I just joined today. I've always loved the S15... it has been my dream car for many years now and I'd love to own an authentic one some day. Unfortunately, its kind of hard to own one considering I live in California; nonetheless, not everything is impossible if you have the...