1. H

    White S15 Rayleigh Essex

    Saw a white Spec R in BP at Rayleigh, nice looking motor and sounded the bollocks. Pretty sure it was driven by a young lady

    Exedy organic clutch

    Anyone running this clutch ? I've got a HKS twin plate in atm and find it is total overkill for a car to be driven daily. Want something a little easier to use in traffic . Any other clutch recommendations ?
  3. Max

    What JDM hatchback for a Daily?

    I'm thinking I'm going to need a daily soon, something JDM and fun, cheap to run and insure. Good on twisties but some motorway economy & practicality would be nice. Not looking at tuning it at all because I know what I am like!I'm liking the idea of:Pulsar VZR (N1 would be epic) - anyone...
  4. S

    stance and drifting issues...

    hi i started this thread just to know the exact experience of any of the guys here in the holy world of drifting . i am actually trying to get 215/35r18 on 18x9 and thats much poke and stretch just to clear my fenders though im on big spacers. but can any one tell me that is it good for...
  5. Luke

    Drive it like you stole it

    Saw this video the other day and thought what a lunatic :wack: but thought id share it with you guys :D The M5 is being driven around a European country?,,,,, by a mad man
  6. T

    FS: S15 Headlights, new in box

    I got a pair of new headlights for sale, new in box. Only test fitted once but ever been driven with. Ill take 549,- GBP or a good offer.
  7. NICKO

    Apex Coilovers which spring rates?

    Im looking to replace my advance suspension coilovers on my S15 and was just wondering what spring rates everyone went for? My car is not daily driven and used maily on the road at weekends but does get driven fairly hard most of the time with some drift action. The coilovers on my car at the...
  8. M

    Hey From Australia

    Hi everyone In 5 weeks ill be the proud owner of a 01 S15 and cant wait.. I was just wondering if theres any problems i should look for before buying this car.. It standard apart from the exhaust and has barely been driven as the owner worked in the mines and didnt drive it to often. Any...
  9. L

    Now my 15's gone..

    I thought I'd get me one of these. Its a Black edition GTR from Middlehurst that I picked up about three weeks ago. All I can say now its had its optimisation service is OMG!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Anyway, I have never driven anything like it before and I thought i'd share some pics with you guys...
  10. subzero

    Your s15 = daily driver / weekend car ??

    added a poll ..... mines driven everyday .
  11. P


    hey has any one ever driven a car with heads up display? are they any good and where can you get a after market one? this is what you get in a corvette
  12. B

    SR20DE Engine in a Spec-S: Chain Driven?

    Does the SR20DE in the S15 Spec-S have a chain driven timing belt? Just getting together things ready for the first service. Thanks, Blinx :)
  13. J

    Have you ever driven....

    Any of you guys ever driven a Nissan Figaro?? Reviews, comments... ?
  14. D

    Cooling Fans

    Basically how many cooling fans have ye in front of radiator? I have only the crankshaft one but noticeed that there is a motor driven one too. So how many has everyone?