1. JDM_virgin


    been driving my car a lot recently now the weather has improved however when driving it sounds like i have sooty and sweep in the car! squeaking over bumps is horrendous. I was wondering if it is bushes that are starting to deteriorate? I have apexi limo coil overs 4/3 spring rates and stock...
  2. SX2002


    Hooray, worked at last...anyway, here is my S15. Australian delivered Spec S. I bought it new in August 2002 as a retirement present to myself...apart from minor exhaust and induction mods it's stock...goes quick enough for me as it is...still love driving it after all these years and just...
  3. japgarage

    Coilovers latest and greatest

    I'm in the market for real quality coilovers, mainly for street use so comfort is important. What are people running and recommending from experience ? Im currently driving on CS2's and they are far to hard for the driving on Irish roads. Thanks in advance!
  4. A

    Battery light came on.

    the battery light came on while I was driving, I take it this probably means the alternator!? Anyone know a decent place that sells them?
  5. Unberivable

    Some driving questions

    So after doing some driving and a bit of research, I have some questions regarding how your S15s are on the road regarding gears and fuel economy etc. My S15 is the Japanese spec r. When driving down the highway at 100km/h (about 60mph) what gear are people in? I usually am in 6th gear, but it...
  6. jake

    Maf problem

    So I was driving my s15 rb25 for the the first time to day since the conversation Drove it from Portsmouth back to basingstoke then round basingstoke for a bit so about an hour and a half work of driving with no problems at all The was driving to work witch is in hook so about another 20mins...
  7. R

    WTB: Wanted: Rota force drift 18"

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some Rota force Drift 18" alloys, The more concave the better. preferably with good tyres, I bought some...but because of the offset they dont fit properly, meaning my car is now driving like a 4x4 to stop any fouling. Idiot that I am. Any colours welcome
  8. NICKO

    Photo's wanted: exhausts

    well the time has come to make the S15 a fair bit quieter due to a house move and I need to see a few pictures of various exhaust to see how they sit and look etc Also I would like some info on the noise levels of different systems, for example idle noise, full throttle, motorway driving etc...
  9. JDM_virgin

    grinding gear box

    This has been niggling away at me since I've had the car- I have no idea why it does it and more importantly what causes it. When you start the car from cold and select either first gear or reverse (in fact probably any gear as I've tried it in second slipping the clutch) then lift the clutch...
  10. Lucy_Stlthy

    Hi from Beds

    Hey all, Just had my S15 delivered this week, its a import from Japan, MOT this saturday, can't wait to get driving her!!!
  11. ChrisKnottIns

    WIN an amazing driving experience courtesy of Chris Knott Insurance

    WIN an amazing driving experience courtesy of Chris Knott Insurance What better way to kick off Spring than with a special member offer. Ask Chris Knotts for a CAR or HOME insurance quote before 31/05/15 to be entered into our prize draw to WIN a fantastic experience – a Triple Supercar...
  12. Lanyard

    Standard Blue - M69 North from Coventry (Female driver)

    VERY standard looking car. Got a feeling it was the same one I was parked with at a meet in Coventry not so long ago. I was driving a Range Rover at the time so didn't wave but looked good! :thumbs:
  13. K

    new owner from kelowna, bc, canada

    just picked this bad boy up lookin forward to learning lots here, only one problem with the car so far: today either the tranny or clutch started to make a funny noise. its a grinding or whining noise. happens both when idling or when driving (louder when driving), only time there is no...
  14. Tom VWJ

    Red/ Orangey S15 in Northampton (maybe Vertex Kit) by Carlsberg

    Tuesday 16/07/2014 - Spotting driving past Carlsberg factory at about 11:30pm-ish
  15. C

    Strange happenings while driving the S15

    Do you guys ever get weird creepy stuff happening while driving your Silvias? Just last night I had two instances of this. Firstly driving along the A34 at the speed limit, a Zafira approaches from behind then stops along side me for about a minute, moving forward and backward beside me. I...
  16. billy_t15

    Stall problem

    hi all. got a really annoying problem with my new s15 the idle and running is sweet no mishaps so far. when im in neutral or clutch depressed if I rev the car and let off the revs drop right down and it stalls it happens when driving too if im going along and have to brake quite quick ill brake...
  17. crazymat666

    put my foot down,brake,car stalls anyone had this???

    basically from a stand still or if i put my foot down to full boost then come to a stop 5-10seconds after,the revs drop right down and the car stalls.also if i dont stop and let off the throttle them few seconds later i put my foot on the throttle to stay at the same speed it hesitates and...
  18. shib

    Hello from the Midlands

    Gents Been lurking for quite sometime and figured I would say hello as I've just purchased Sam's (JOR04N) S15. First and foremost I would like to apologize to Ray Tsang as I originally intended on purchasing his car. Unfortunately the cost and hassle involved with importing a car from Southern...
  19. S

    FS: GM IROC (?) Alloy Wheels (5x112 19x8.5 +45 Offset) w/ Rotalla F105 Tyres (235/35/19)

    Looking to get rid of a set of wheels that came off my wife's Audi A8. The tyres are practically brand new, at most 1k miles on them. The wheels have some curb damage to them, and one wheel has a small dent and is cracked. You can tell all this in the pictures. It still holds air, but...
  20. T

    Newbie from Ireland

    Not a silvia owner as of yet but currently in the market for one...been checking various sites etc not sure weather to import fresh or buy an irish market car but the future will tell.... Currently driving an ae111 so looking forward to the change in drive and power..Will use this site for...