1. Re-VolveR

    power fc s15 trouble

    Hi everyone! Having a strange issue with my Power FC L-Jetro When driving and coming to a stop the idle doesnt drop and sit around 1500-2000 and then slowly drops to normal 900rpm. Cheers PS: On cold startup it revs to 2000 and the drops to 1500 and after about 2min it will drop to 900rpm...
  2. 70YSR

    help - temperature gauge dropping!!

    hey guys just wondering if anyone would know why.. when my car hits about 3.5k rpm my standard temperature gauge drops a little and by about 4k its reading about 1/4 not halfway like it should. However if the revs drop back below that the temp gauge goes back up to normal and it sits there as...
  3. Fruitbooter

    Revs drop

    Seems it only does it when cold like after just setting off. When approaching a junction or traffic lights I tend to roll up and put it in neutral and then stop, but when I put it into neutral it drops to about 700 for a second or two then goes back up to normal 900 Any idea? Is this normal...
  4. E

    High Idle Problem.

    Greetings.. I'm a bit flummoxed at the moment with a 'wee problem' with my idle. Story is as follows: 1. When it starts it goes up to about 2k until warm and then drops to about 800 and idles nicely ... perfect 2. After driving for a bit and then coming to a stop the idle won't go below about...