1. J

    Detailing Jem - Epic swirls to epic shine - Audi TT

    The pictures say everything needed about this detail I did today!! :eek: :thumbs:
  2. adz87kc

    some serious engineering :o

    Don't know if this is a repost but oh wow! :eek:
  3. Yellow Peril

    Worst S15 front bumper EVER!

    Just found this and felt I had to share it with you.... shocking :eek:
  4. R

    Headlight protectors

    Anyone know where to get a set of headlight protectors for an S15? I've seen a few pics of one with them on, and they look like they're an OEM part. I hate to think how much they'll cost though! :eek: :wack:
  5. M

    WTB: Spec R gearbox

    Not for me - for YOU! If you want one, get on SXOC quick! £450 with 14000 miles! :eek: WAY CHEAP! :eek:
  6. S

    lump under carpet?

    lump in floor under carpet in passenger side footwell on the right side about 10inches by 10inches??is this normal in s15's??have u got one...:eek:
  7. M

    MY NEW CAR!!! Its not a 200!!!

    Seeing as a few of you will see it at the weekend, I thought Id post a brief pic now :) Its very posh compared to what Ive been driving for the last 4 years :eek: Not driven it much tho. Bought it with a running issue which has...
  8. R-Spec

    New legislation in Japan

    I've heard rumors that there is new legislation in Japan that could seriously hamper tuners product offerings :down:. I heard they would prohibit modifications that changed the external appearance of the new cars on the road :eek: That seems questionable but has anyone heard this or know what it...
  9. B

    Dyno results

    Popped down to Perfect Touch in Hoddesdon for a dyno run,as before I start to up the power I thought I'd better check that all is ok.It came out at 237whp (260 fly) which considering the only mods the car had is an Apexi exhaust and unknown air filter,I thought wasn't too bad:D Rob the dyno...
  10. justin666

    Body kit... Any ideas???

    Ayup :wave: On the off chance, do any of you clever people know what this kit is??? This car was advertised for sale not long ago in Japan from the Nismo Zele car factory and as you can see, its rather tasty!!!! I did actually look at getting it imported but it was gonna cost upwards...
  11. D

    Opinions Please!

    I want yere opinions on my new addition. I fiited it last night. Must still put bumper on properly. I kile it and its staying until it breaks. Ps Anyone comment on my dog with the dodgy eye, I'll set him after ye. :eek: :eek:
  12. J

    I must be flinkin crazy

    Topper - what do you reckon??? You've been to my place and experienced the animal madness first hand :p Would you say I'm crazy if I told you we're getting a Kitten in 3 weeks time?! :eek:
  13. raytsang

    S16 is the rumours true?

    been hearing alot of rumours of a new S16 new SR20vet engine, 4 wheel drive and 280ps... think its non turbo too... :eek: [/img]
  14. I

    dubious characters

    ok, took my sil out to the country last night for a drive. Parked in a carpark by the beach to soak in some fresh air. Some guy cruises by slowly then enters the car park - parks a few spaces away. I then exit the car and walk to the end of the wharf. The guys waits until I'm on the wharf...
  15. Topper

    Not one for the S15 Lover.....

    While searching for pictures of S15's a came across this and it shocked me so much i had to show it..... Knowing that they are all right hand drive, someone has a sore head :eek:
  16. J

    WTB: Cheapest place to get...

    HKS Silent Hi-Power? I could get one from Japan but chances are by the time all the duties are levied on it I'd be as well off getting it from Apex :( (nowt wrong with Apex, but would like to pay less than ?495 :eek: ) Any suggestions??
  17. M

    Am I mad

    Something yakozan posted a while back has seeded quite worryingly in my head. I think Ive fallen for the Silver JDM S13 on the first page of the thread below. :cool: Ive always been a bit of a sucker for boxy older...
  18. Nicely

    A'PEXi closes US operations

    :eek: Make sure you ask for more info...
  19. Nicely

    Coilovers fitted!

    Woohoo! Finally fitted my Apex coilovers on Friday (thanks to Juz on SXOC for the use of the ramp and air tools). Bit of a frig, as it appears the the base strut length needed to be different to which the S14 boys have been starting with... Go them sorted in the end though. The rear was pretty...
  20. A

    Replace steering wheel from left to right

    :eek: :notworthy: