1. S

    FS: Facelifted EK9 Civic Type R

    I'm thinking about letting my Championship White '97 EK9 go in pursuit of something RWD again. Specifically an S15 Spec S, so if your interested in some sort of deal please get in touch. I picked it up from Ireland last year. While registering it I undersealed it and had an accident with a...
  2. V

    Hello from Leicester , England!

    Hello every one! My name is Vish and I am a 22 year old business student from leicester , England who has loved the Nissan Silvia S15 since 1999... I sadly do not own an S15 :furious: ... but I am hoping to change that soon.. I have been looking at this forum for years although I have never...
  3. A


    Hi guys! Looking at picking up an S15 very soon, coming over from an EK9. Got lots to learn so looking forward to logging more hours on this forum! Just quick question, does the S15 come with power folding mirrors or do I need one with an Aero kit? Weird question I know but its going to be...
  4. pegliobaglio


    Any of the importers on this site let me know roughly how much I would be looking for a white ek9 in mint condition with low mileage as I am gonna be selling my fn2 to get a daily runaround and really fancy one of these !any info would be much appreciated thanks
  5. sliding-r

    fitting Recaros to the 15

    Hi, im thinking in a while when i can afford fitting a set of DC5 seats, is it just a case of differnt rails to fit them in the S15. I have seen a red s15 with ek9 seats in the past but fancy the integra seats as they will be newer. Cheers, Tom
  6. R

    WTB: s15 for my ek9

  7. F

    WTB: s15 for a ek9?

    hey chaps, new here, im lookin for an s15 spec r, pref pre 00 and in silver blue.. or yellow;) id preferably need a trade in against my 00 ek9 civic type r,. shes been well taken care of and if you wish il give u a link to her thread over on ek9.org:) im located in ireland too. thanks!:cool:
  8. C

    Hello everyone!

    Hi, i've joined this forum as i'm looking to buy a s15 in the near future when i sell my current car which is a civic ek9. I'll probably go for a stock, fresh import specR. What are the common faults to look out for when buying a s15? Cheers, craig :)
  9. mint

    mints here!

    Sup Guys, :wave: Im mint from Scotland UK (Up near Aberdoom!!!) Anyways im on here for a bit of research an info etc. Im a honda owner just now, got me 2 civics. One is an EJ9 (1.4 SOHC) and the other is a EM1 (99 VTi Coop with a b16/b18 - Approx 200bhp) Anyways im onto my 4th Honda now...