1. H

    WTB: ***wanted*** Full exhaust

    need a full Spec R exhaust inc elbow ideally
  2. lewis

    Manifold and elbow fitting

    Hi everyone, i'm hoping that some of you will be able to help me plan properly with fitting my manifold and turbo elbow. Basically I'm going to be fitting them when the elbow arrives, hopefully in the next few weeks and I want to make sure I can kind of do everything at once and make sure I have...
  3. T

    FS: Spec R OEM turbo elbow + downpipe

    FREE Spec R OEM turbo elbow + downpipe I have a used condition OEM turbo elbow and downpipe from my Spec R. Free to a S15oc member. Collection from Hertfordshire.
  4. H

    downpipes and elbow combinations

    i have a 14A elbow and downpipes as a result it hangs pretty low. someone on FB mentioned the 14 downpipe is shorter, is it likely that it will bring my exhaust slightly closer to the body helping with clearance?
  5. S

    decat fitment?

    Hi all, started shopping for a decat this evening and got a couple of questions. what is the difference between s14 and s14a/s15 dimensions? most of the decats i see are for s14 and claim will only fit an s14a/s15 if coupled with a 14a/15 downpipe and elbow? seems odd to me i only want to...
  6. AshOBNXZ

    Turbo Elbow Bolt/Stud Question

    Hi guys, Before I start I will say that I have searched (probably not very well) and just keep getting confused I picked up a Part Shop MAX Cobra Downpipe for the S15 yesterday, the one that's a turbo elbow connected to a downpipe with a flexi section so it's all one piece So I've been reading...
  7. F

    What downpipe for standard s15 elbow?

    Looking for a downpipe that will fit my s15, looks to be on standard elbow, will the one for the s14 or the s14a be the same?also any decent downpipes with flexys about that you would recommend? Thanks
  8. B

    Turbo elbow and downpipe assistance

    Can anyone help, I've done the det swap into my spec s s15 and have been using a s14 aftermarket elbow and downpipe which didn't fit great I've since found out I should be using a s14a downpipe, do I also need to get a 14a elbow as well Thanks for the help I'm all confused [emoji55] Sent...
  9. gaz15

    Advice needed s14/s15 downpipe

    Can anyone tell me if a blitz s14 downpipe is a direct fit for the s15 with the OEM elbow, 315mm s15 decat and an s15 cat back exhaust, or will I need a s15 downpipe?
  10. JDM_virgin

    FS: 3" dump pipe and down pipe

    For sale is my 3" Toyo sports down pipe and dump pipe (turbo elbow) Stainless steel have covered less that 700 miles, TIG welding is immaculate. The down pipe sits flush with the floor pan so it will either need 'persuading' or you can do what i did and leave it which didn't cause any issues...
  11. K

    FS: Garage clear out! Japspeed, aero, apex, standard ect

    I thought it was about time I cleared out my garage of some spares I have lying around. Japspeed 3 " s14 / 15 turbo elbow £ 45 Japspeed 3 " s14a turbo elbow £ 35 slight damage Apex t28 braided turbo lines £ 50 Pearl white s15 aero spoiler £ 80 I will do a deal with my boot for a pearl white...
  12. Jaydej

    Turbo elbow

    Hey people, I need to get a elbow from somewhere but don't know where. I was going to go for japspeed but they don't have any in stock. Anyone know a good place to get one from
  13. Jaydej

    exhaust system confusion

    hey people sorry to be a pain but, i have been reading threads all day and i cant come to a conclusion. i just want to get it clear for me and any other newbie. What fits from S14 and S14a 3" exhaust? Elbow ? Downpipe ? Decat ? Catback ? any help would be amazing! thanks
  14. Havoc

    FS: Garrett T28r

    Garret T28r for sale.. Perfect condition.. Pretty much no play only what would be standard for oil movement. Boosts up perfectly no smoke and really responsive. Can send you a video of the turbine wheel if requested. £400 with manifold, japspeed turbo elbow and braided lines. £360 for just...
  15. NICKO

    FS: hks gtrs turbo and horsham developments manifold hks elbow

    Testing the water to see if anyone would be interested in this setup. includes a Horsham developments manifold, hks gtrs turbo, hks elbow, apex turbo lines All above parts were bought new and have covered around 2k and are still like new Good for a low lag 400bhp setup Cheers, nicko
  16. Parky

    Turbo elbow question...

    Alreet folks, Will an elbow from an S14/14a work on an S15? Or are they a slightly different shape/fitment? My S15 has an S14 DET lump in so wondering which I will need to go for when I come to buy one..? Cheers in advance, P.
  17. S

    WTB: S15 turbo elbow

    After the above to replace mine as its cracked. pm me price delivered and make if you have one :)
  18. JaseYpk

    Genuine Nissan Turbo Elbow Gaskets

    Top (elbow to turbo): http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321056108500 - starts at £15 (BARGAIN) Bottom (elbow to front pipe): http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321056226158 - Starts at 99p.. BARGAIN!
  19. JaseYpk

    Turbo Elbow Bolts Missing..

    Not sure how, not sure why, but mine seem to have run away. And as a result my exhaust backbox is kicking out... nothing. my turbo is the exhaust at the moment. haha So why did they come loose, how can i stop them coming loose and running away, and where can i get a set of new bolts from (other...
  20. dave_t

    Blitz Downpipe/Frontpipe

    Before remaping at the end of the month i want to upgrade my turbo elbow and downpipe. a tomei elbow from frsport is coming in at a reasonable price, but a downpipe being much larger is ridiculous when it comes to postage. However I have found a blitz downpipe on ebay in the uk ...